Is Vermont On The Way To Being A Fully Legalized State?

Vermont is well on the way to legalizing and regulating marijuana for adults over 21, supporting the expectation that support will continue to grow.

Apr 2, 2016 - Sera Jane Ghaly

As support pours in for marijuana legalization in Vermont, the public are feeling more and more free to express their own marijuana affirmative stance. Perhaps a fear of ramification for admitting to being on marijuana’s side has stopped lawmakers from voicing their opinions, but the time has definitely come for free expression. Vermont is well on the way to being a fully legalized state by taking the enormous step to legalize marijuana for adult use.

There are still some other major details that have been left out of the bill, which makes marijuana activists a little confused about the future. Having said that, the future definitely looks bright for marijuana enthusiasts in Vermont, with the support rolling in from many lawmakers and organizations.

An important step in the right direction

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The State House opened its doors on Thursday for a hearing, to welcome the public to testify their opinions on the new marijuana laws in Vermont. Although fear to step up to being pro marijuana has been a real fear in the past, it is falling away as lawmakers and organizations offer their full support to the legalization and regulation of marijuana for adults.The recent legalization address taxation, distribution, budgeting and law enforcement, according to a press release.

However, the bill neglected to mention anything about cultivation, how farmers would be able to take part in the marijuana industry, and no changes were made to the penalties for a simple possession over one ounce. “Many, certainly including myself, believe that these further steps are critical to genuine criminal justice system reform,” said Laura Subin, the director of the Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana. However, on the plus side, the bill did include an accelerated time frame in which to expect the home cultivation issue to be dealt with. The bill also included that there would be an increase in licenses for small farmers, and that the fees would decrease for these licenses too – which is a very important step in the right direction.

Where is all the support pouring in from?

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Laura Subin and the Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana is just one of the enormous groups that is pushing for marijuana legalization in the state of Vermont. At least one of the counties and some politicians are expressing their support for the legalization of marijuana in Vermont, and Subin thinks there are at least two other counties who would show their support.

The Chairman of Windham County Democratic Committee, Brandon Batham, says that the Windham county is completely in support of marijuana legalization and regulation. “The Windham County Democratic Committee resolves to join the Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana,” said the resolution submitted by the Windham county. “The next step is to make it clear to legislators that we will support them and be behind them if they vote for this legislation,” said Batham.

Representative Mollie Burke, who is on the Transport Committee, attended the hearing on Thursday. She said that she has some concerns about intoxicated driving, but that she would nonetheless prefer something to be regulated than for it to be i the shadows.

Inspiration and progress

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The support for the legalization of marijuana in Vermont is quite inspiring, and it is only going to continue to grow. The consensus seems to be that it is an overall better option for Vermont to be a legalized state, with regulation to sell only to adults. Vermont is well on the way to being completely marijuana friendly across the board, from farmers to consumers.

What’s your opinion about Vermont’s new marijuana initiative? Let us know your thoughts on our social media or in the comments below.

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