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Legalization | 12.10.2021

Kentucky Governor Wants To Legalize Medical Marijuana And Sell It To Other States

Although interstate cannabis commerce is illegal, Kentucky wants to make it happen.

During an interview with 44 News on Wednesday, Governor of Kentucky Andy Beshear (D) said the state’s future lies in the hands of medical marijuana, and he also wants to allow farmers to grow cannabis and sell it to outside states. 

Beshear spoke about how legalizing medical marijuana was a priority in the forthcoming legislative session. Once that ship sails, Beshear added that his second priority on the list was obtaining broader legislation to allow those 21 and older to grow and possess cannabis without medical reasoning. 

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This isn’t the first time Beshear has urged for reform, as he called on lawmakers to do so during a State of the Commonwealth address in January. During the interview on Wednesday, he said “it is past time” that the state legalizes cannabis for medical use.

He added his thoughts towards the benefits of using cannabis for medical reasons, saying it can offer relief for people “that would otherwise turn to more damaging substances.” He also mentioned that Kentucky would definitely benefit from the policy reform.

He said the state’s topography and farms would see many advantages from legalizing medical marijuana and “allowing them to grow medical marijuana for other states,” reports Marijuana Moment.

There is some confusion regarding Beshear’s optimism towards selling cannabis to other states. It’s completely legal to do so with hemp under federal law from the 2018 Farm Bill, but the law also notes that selling cannabis between states is still highly illegal.

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The current rules note that each individual state is limited to selling and obtaining cannabis within its borders. If it were legal to do so, we’d see states like California skyrocket manufacturing where climates are favorable to grow cannabis, leaving other states purchasing from California’s market, for example.

Another state is backing Beshear’s optimism. Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D) signed a bill in 2019 that would permit the interstate import and export of marijuana if federal law or policy deems it legal.

Kentucky’s governor Beshear also mentioned that his state must be “open to conversations” regarding the legalization of cannabis. He also made known that he was an avid supporter of cannabis reform legislation, which is currently in the works in Kentucky.

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Although most of the interview with 44 News covered Beshear’s aim to pass medical cannabis in the forthcoming legislative session, he also spoke about another legislation that’s equally as gripping. 

Last month, Rep. Nima Kulkarni (D) introduced legislation that would keep individuals from being incarcerated because of cannabis, and Beshear said he was totally on board with that. 

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