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legalization | 12.04.2019

You Need To Watch Libertarian Presidential Hopefuls Talk Cannabis

The Libertarian Presidential nominees have the right idea about cannabis reform. If only the other candidates shared their level-headed views.

The Libertarian party might not be as well publicized as Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are the Libertarian presidential nominees none the less. The two men sat down with Bob Evans at a local FOX News station in Salt Lake City, Utah to answer three questions about their political platform, in an attempt to sway even a few more votes their way. The men act cool, calm and collected when the subject of cannabis came up.

Just three

Bob Evans runs a popular news segment on FOX 13 Now called 3 Questions, where politicians are given the opportunity to, you guessed it, answer just three questions surrounding issues that face America today.

It’s common for Evans to ask politicians things that could bring their morals into question, at least among residents of a state that is known for being conservative.

When sitting down with Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson and Vice President nominee Bill Weld, Evans didn’t hold back, starting with asking the men about where they see religious freedom and politics intersecting.

After giving a candid answer, Evans goes on to ask the men something that many voters consider even more controversial than the separation of church and state.

Why should marijuana be legalized for recreational use?

Libertarian Presidential nominees have the answers

Libertarians, by definition, are strong advocates for freedom of choice when it comes to economic and personal matters, including whether or not an individual should use cannabis for recreational purposes.

So, why does the Libertarian Presidential nominee, Gary Johnson, think cannabis should be legalized for recreational use?

We have tens of millions of convicted felons in this country that, but for our drug laws, would otherwise be tax-paying, law-abiding citizens. So, legalizing marijuana, what is the difference between somebody taking the edge off at the end of the day by using marijuana, as opposed to a couple of drinks? Well, I don’t think that there’s a difference and as long as they’re not doing any harm to anybody else, I don’t think any of us should care.

The Vice President nominee, William Weld, backed Johnson by agreeing with his points.

I think all that Gary is really talking about us doing at the federal level is striking marijuana from the list of Class 1 controlled substances, so that the issue would be remitted to the states. No state, obviously, would be compelled then to legalizing anything, medicinal marijuana or any marijuana. They could do what they wanted.

Evans ended the interview with a question about America’s global position and asking the nominees why they were optimistic about the future. Johnson didn’t hesitate to show his national pride.

We’re going to continue to lead the world. We are the envy of the world.

Do you think the Libertarian presidential nominees stand a chance again Trump or Clinton? Let us know on social media or in the comment section below.

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