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legalization | 12.05.2019

Cannabis Culture’s Montreal Dispensaries Raided 24 Hours After Opening

The Prince of Pot is having more law enforcement drama with his newest Cannabis Culture expansion in the city of Montreal.

Just 24 hours after many French Canadians were lined around the block to be a part of the opening day of Montreal’s new Cannabis Culture locations, reality set it. The Montreal Police raided Cannabis Culture locations at around 6:30 PM last Friday. It is unclear if all six locations were targeted in the raids, but at least three have had police a presence.

Emery knew the risks of a Montreal expansion

Not only were his stores shut down, but The Prince of Pot Marc Emery was taken into custody that same evening.

Because Emery had kilograms of cannabis confiscated as well as everything in the registers, he had some choice words for the Canadian Prime Minister. Tensions will continue to rise in Canada as dispensaries gamble with the current prohibition laws.

Opening six new CC locations in a city with tough police was never going to be a walk in the park. The events that occurred Friday night was clear evidence of the Montreal PD enforcing the laws that the PM still has in place.

The reason we are legalizing and controlling marijuana is not for any other reason than to better protect our kids and to remove the black market, the criminal elements, organized crime, from profiting massively from the sale of cannabis.

We will get this done properly and responsibly because that is what Canadians expect us to do. . and until we have changed the law, the current laws apply. – Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

As Emery was being escorted into a police car that evening, he had some strong words directed at the leader of Canada.

Anyone who enforces this despicable law is indeed a despicable person – and I include politicians, elected officials, police authorities and anyone else who thinks we should be arrested. It’s despicable and an injustice but we will win. The Prime Minister is a disgrace.

It truly is a fine line that Emery walks every day with his nationwide dispensaries. He is relying on local municipalities and law enforcement to look the other way because at the federal level his dispensaries are still 100% illegal.

Emery’s wife Jodie and thousands of supporters are voicing their opposition to the police’s crackdown on the CC Montreal locations.

We have thousands of supporters in this city lining up to show their support and yet the police are using the tax dollars to do something no one supports. I’m asking the police to please let Marc Emery go. – Jodie Emery

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