legalization | 01.01.2022

Rep. Blumenauer Grows Furious with Drug Policy Director. “You’re Part of the Problem.”

Watch US Rep. Earl Blumenauer dial in on a critical insight regarding cannabis prohibition, in which he embarrasses the Deputy Director of Drug Policy.

These courtroom debates are a goldmine of indisputable pro-cannabis arguments for our back pocket, and they just get better and better.

In January of this year, Senator Booker passionately ridiculed the Schedule 1 placement of cannabis, silencing anti-marijuana propagandist Kevin Sabet.

Nearly a year prior, US Rep. Earl Blumenauer pulls out all the stops in this debate on the dangers of cannabis with the Deputy Director of Drug Policy.

Even though this clip is over a year old, Blumenauer dials in on a critical insight that has yet to be resolved today:

“If a professional like you cannot answer clearly that meth is more dangerous than marijuana — which every kid on the street knows, which every parent knows — if you can’t answer that, then maybe that’s why we’re failing to educate people about the dangers.”

Dare we say he embarrassed the Deputy? This is one for the books.

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