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Legalization | 08.30.2022

Road To Legalization: Is Weed Legal In New York?

Here's what you need to know about the current legal landscape of cannabis in New York.

Cannabis is still illegal under federal law, but states are beginning to legalize it for medicinal and recreational use.

New York is one of those states, and the laws surrounding cannabis use are constantly changing.

Possession of small amounts of cannabis is decriminalized in New York, meaning that you will not be arrested or jailed for possessing small amounts of the drug.

However, you will still be fined if caught with cannabis. The amount you can possess before being fined varies depending on the county you are in but is generally around 3 oz.

Cultivation of cannabis is also decriminalized in New York, as long as you are growing fewer than 12 plants. Again, the amount you can grow varies by county but is generally limited to two plants.

Recreational vs. Medical Cannabis In New York

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The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes is legal in New York, though there are restrictions on who can use it and how it can be obtained. 

Patients must be suffering from a qualifying condition, such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, or chronic pain, and must obtain a certification from a registered practitioner. Cannabis can then be obtained from a licensed dispensary.

Recreational use of cannabis is not yet legal in New York, though the state legislature is considering a bill that would legalize it. The bill has been stalled in the state Senate, but if it passes, adults 21 and over would be able to possess and use small amounts of cannabis. It is not yet clear when or if this bill will pass.

For now, the legal landscape of cannabis in New York is complex. Possession of small amounts is decriminalized, but the cultivation and recreational use are still illegal. 

The medicinal use laws are changing, but patients must still jump through hoops to obtain the drug. Legalizing recreational use is being considered but has not yet been passed. Stay tuned for updates on this ever-changing issue.

Where To Get The Best Weed In NY

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