Senators finally push to give veterans access to medical marijuana! This is huge!

In a 18-12 vote, a Senate Committee approved an amendment that will allow veterans access to medical marijuana by way of their Veterans Affairs doctors.

May 30, 2015 - HERB

In an historic vote, the Senate Appropriations Committee advanced an amendment that would allow Veterans Affairs doctors to recommend the use of medicinal cannabis for veterans in need.

Approval came from the amendment in an 18-12 vote, which marked a big win for veterans as plenty of research and testimonies have proven the effectiveness of medical marijuana for PTSD along with other conditions and/or injuries commonly plaguing veterans.

Even though it still has to go through the House for approval, there is a lot of support for the amendment. On Memorial Day weekend, veterans in Arkansas showed their support by marching for safe access to medical marijuana.

We truly hope the amendment continues to gain support and results in nationwide access for veterans in need. Share with your network to support the effort!

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