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Legalization | 11.10.2021

Seth Rogen And Sarah Silverman Are Fighting For Federal Legalization

A new campaign initiative with familiar faces urges you to make your support for federal legalization loud and clear.

Many leading cannabis brands are hopping on board to partner with a new celebrity-backed campaign to garner cannabis users to bear down on Congress in an attempt to legalize weed at a federal level.

Federal legalization has been a factor many have been wondering about since the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp, but forces in government positions are still strongly opposed.

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On Tuesday, a new initiative launched that goes by the name Cannabis In Common, which strives to change the notion and legal status of the plant. Some familiar faces are on board to help push its message, none other than actor Seth Rogen and comedian Sarah Silverman.

“Legalizing cannabis is long past due, and if we make enough noise, we can make it happen,” Rogen, founder of Houseplant and cannabis enthusiast, said in the campaign’s debut video.

“Americans can’t agree on anything, can we?” Silverman playfully asked in the same video. “Fortunately, there is at least one thing most Americans have in common: more than two-thirds of us agree cannabis should be legalized, and we have a real shot at getting federal legalization done now if we speak up.”

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Using the Cannabis in Common website, users can now easily email or call their congressional representatives and make their support known for nationwide legalization. Licensed cannabis companies can also email their customers in the state, place posters in their shops, and add information to apps that encourage their customers to hop on board.

Countless groups have been fighting to legalize weed for years; they’ve implemented state and federal campaigns to do so, but nothing has seemed to work. Enter Cannabis in Common, which is about to take the nation by storm.

Organizers behind Cannabis in Common mentioned that the campaign makes huge moves by involving major industry players and celebrities to complete their mission successfully. As of now, there are more than two dozen companies who’ve signed on to the new campaign, including vape brand Pax and other powerhouse companies like Canopy Growth, Curaleaf Holdings, and Cronos Group.

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Cannabis In Common doesn’t just strive to get legalization for weed at a federal level, but they’re fighting for those who’ve been affected by prohibition, wrongful sentencing, and the racial injustices from the war on drugs.

Once federal weed legalization takes place, this means that those incarcerated with non-violent marijuana-related crimes and their families will finally get the justice they’ve been waiting for.

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