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legalization | 01.01.2022

The Next 5 States That Will Legalize Marijuana

Are you lucky enough to be in one of the states next to legalize marijuana? Unless you live in the south, recreational weed is coming to a state near you.

According to the Rolling Stones, unless you live in the south, recreational weed is coming to a state near you. With Colorado and Washington taking the plunge on recreational legalization, 2014 was a huge year.

The trend seems to be spreading across the USA, with the people screaming for legalization. Be it by referendum or not, the people are demanding the change to legalization. Here are the next 5 states that we think will legalize marijuana

1. California

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California is arguably the biggest game changer in the pursuit against prohibition. In 1996, California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana. What makes California most likely to be the next state is the economic impact marijuana has already had on the state. The people in California are already associated with the product, and the market there is one of the healthiest already.

The wheels are in motion to make California one of the next states to end prohibition, although it’s not scheduled to make the ballot until 2016.

2. Massachusetts

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Massachusetts only opened its first medical dispensary early this summer. But the talk of the town of Massachusetts is that the people want legalization – full recreational legalization. The people are pushing for legalization by referendum for 2016, and to be a fully legal state by next November.

3. Maine

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Northeastern Maine is next on the agenda, although having rejected recreational marijuana this summer. The people are pushing nonetheless, driving the momentum through a signature drive. Legal marijuana is on the ballot for 2016 because of their efforts. In the last two years two major cities, Portland and South Portland passed referendums in favor of legalization.

4. Nevada

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Nevada could look forward to major economical benefits coming from tourists through legalization. Plus, they probably don’t want to feel left out on the West coast. The people of Nevada are also preparing themselves for a 2016 ballot for legal marijuana, and due to the amount of tourists there, could prove to be economically enormous.

Members of the legislature as well as advocates in the community are coming together to collaborate signatures so that they might have a shot for 2016.

5. Missouri

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This is as far south as the concept of legalization has reached at this stage, but Missouri’s movement is nonetheless underway. Although Missouri has a more conservative attitude than those more Northern states, the leaders are attempting to push this through for 2016.

The leaders of the signature drive need signatures from 8% of voters in order to make the ballot for 2016, and the movement has already begun.

The movement is happening!

Seeing states that we have considered conservative up until now beginning the movement towards legalization proves one thing. That the movement is happening around the USA like wildfire. 2012 and 2014 were the biggest years in prohibition, and it seems that 2016 is going to be the biggest one of all. So many states are pushing for legalization, as far down south as Missouri.

The movement is spreading across the USA and it won’t be long before the majority of states have abolished prohibition.

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