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legalization | 01.01.2022

Report Shows US Police Don’t Believe Weed Is A Problem

The 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment Summary was released just last month and apparently the US police don’t actually believe weed is a problem.

The 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment Summary was released just last month, stating that over 1000 police departments think that marijuana is the least of the nations drug worries. Apparently, the US police don’t  believe weed is a problem.

Marijuana is not the problem

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According to the Drug Threat Assessment, police don’t believe that marijuana is actually the problem in the USA. It is clear that they believe heroin and methamphetamine to be the problem. However, despite this, they continue to arrest people for using and growing marijuana.

What is ironic is that methamphetamine became a trend in society only after the war on drugs began. Despite studies that show that ending the war on drugs would end in less deaths from heroin, it is still a target for police prosecution efforts. In fact, the deaths as a result from heroin overdoses can also be attributed to the war on drugs.

This is because heroin is not the leading cause of death, but a chemical called Fentanyl, because it is extremely potent and can be purchased domestically.

It is quite infuriating that despite the fact that US police don’t believe marijuana is a threat, that they continue to prosecute heavily for it. Even in states where marijuana is legal recreationally, police are still using brutal force to intervene and try and thwart the process of legalization,

The US ramps up its war on marijuana

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As the US continues to use military force to intervene on marijuana use, they continue to spend billions of dollars of taxpayer money in the process. Rapists and murderers are even being released from prisons to make room for non-violent drug offenders.

Why does the USA continue to do this? Because marijuana arrests are easy, and the police can make some profit in the interim. It is only required that a police smell or find marijuana to make an arrest for it, and it’s an easy way for a cop to meet his quota.

However, the longer this continues to go on in the USA the more that the people suffer as does the economy. It also severely lowers the standards of living in certain areas, as the real problems are not being addressed.

This report is released despite the fact that the DC area police tried to blame a spike in murders on the decriminalization of marijuana. Of course, they provided no efforts to back up their argument.

It’s time to end the war on drugs

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The war on drugs is having devastating effects on society, and also on the ethical integrity of the US police. It’s obvious that despite the fact that they do not believe marijuana to be a public threat, the police continue to arrest people for economical benefits.

The effect this has on lives is devastating because a criminal record makes it difficult for people to get on with their lives. It means that people spend their entire lives paying for the fact that they were carrying or smoking a little bit of weed.

It’s time to bring the war on drugs to an end, because if it doesn’t end soon, then the situation in the USA will continue to get worse.

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