Here’s Why the Police “Smell Test” Is Invalid

The police often say they smell marijuana just to insure a reason for probable cause so that they can search a person’s vehicle. But more times than not they are simply throwing this to the air so they can have a chance to look in on you.

When police claim they smell marijuana it is just a reason to search a person’s car during a routine traffic stop.  It is important to know that police don’t have the right to search a vehicle without a probable reason – so that is why they sometimes will ‘say’ they smell the sweet perfume of herb. There are all kinds of things that smell like the lovable grass, and knowing the police go to such extent to sniff out your favorite supply, it is no wonder that mary jane users go the extra mile to hide the smell.

9 times out of 10 officers bluff 

hiding smell smoking Looking Inside Colombia’s “Lost City Of Marijuana”
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Every stoner knows that if they light up in the close quarters of a car or small room they are going to be leaving behind the fragrant aromas of their favorite stash, for good or for bad. To be safest it is always best never to smoke in the vehicle so the cops don’t have any reason for a search. Yet more times over when police try to state that they have smelled marijuana in your vehicle they are bluffing just to see what you will say. This is to get your consent to search the vehicle and even your home. They will want to search it without your consent but this is illegal. However if you tell them they can, then they will, but without actual probable cause, they have no rights under the constitutional law.

Police dogs to sniff out your private stash

hiding smell drug dog Looking Inside Colombia’s “Lost City Of Marijuana”
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Police have trained drug dogs that can sniff out your marijuana.  Some suggestions to deter these pesky canine police companions are air tight sealed vacuum containers and packages. Using more than one container will help reduce the smell, but the more you are carrying the louder this pungent aroma will be and, of course, some marijuana has a stronger smell than others.

Vacuum seal bags can be bought at your local grocer but this may not be a sure-fire way to stop the police hounds from running you down.  Others have stated that wrapping your weed satchel in large amounts of cayenne and black pepper will throw the dog off with its hard spice notes being too hard on their noses.. so if you are running the risk of traveling with your grass down the roadways in illegal areas this might be one option worth trying.

Just remember that you don’t have to consent to a search. The only problem is that when an officer claims “We had probable cause” the courts too often run with what the officers say over the person said to be ‘innocent until proven guilty’. So while this unscientific method doesn’t hold good for you, it might be best to keep a clean nose in places where the law is out to get you, or move to a place like the mountains. .Where you are allowed to have up to an ounce container at a time within your vehicle or on your person, no problem.

 What tips do you have for hiding that pungent sweet or skunky cannabis aroma? Tell us on social media or in the comments  below.

March 31, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Brandon Lee

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March 31, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Brandon Lee

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