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News | 11.04.2021

Light Cannabis: Not Everyone Wants A Powerful High

Eaze co-founder drops a new line of smokeable light cannabis.

Move aside light beer because light cannabis is the newest hot commodity.

Eaze co-founder Jamie Feaster speculates that cannabis consumers don’t always want a kick-ass and powerful high, which is why his new brand, Country, announced its smokable light cannabis products.

More often than not, the cannabis industry is packed with brands who claim their weed is the strongest, of the highest THC concentration, and will deliver a high you won’t forget. Now, with Feaster, co-founder Rama Mayo, and support by Gary Vaynerchuk and Justin Kan, Country introduces the first smokable, light cannabis line.

“Cannabis today is, on average, four times stronger than it was in 1995, but we’ve seen with the expansion of low-dose edibles and beverages that folks are also looking for a lighter experience,” said Country CEO Jamie Feaster, reported PRNewswire Cision. “We want Country to bring social, productive cannabis mainstream.”

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Once Feaster and his team began to examine the modern cannabis market, they found a prominent gap between the social elements of smokable cannabis and the new consumer preferences for lower-dosed weed. So, to help consumers looking for less of a high, they decided to create Country.

Country now has two products, one of which dropped yesterday. The first is “Good Neighbor,” crafted with a 1:1 blend of the uplifting Jack Herer Sativa and the calming ACDC CBD. This results in an approachable, productive, and not so disorienting cannabis experience.

Country’s second and most recent product is “Win the Day,” meant to motivate and energize the user. It comes in whole flower pre-rolls and is a 1:2 blend of CBD strain Pineapple Tonic and THC strain Watermelon Rancher. The brand also wanted to make accessibility and packaging easy and modern, resulting in their jar’s pump-top, a reusable vacuum seal that removes the air and keeps the flower fresh.

The brand’s new smokable light cannabis has support from Gary Vaynerchuk and Justin Kan, as well as a broad line of investors who’ve added to Country’s first investment round.

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“In this rapidly growing industry, intentionality in brand and product is critical,” says Vaynerchuk, reports PRNewswire Cision. “With the first ‘light cannabis’ blend, this team is creating a category to expand the market, just like Miller did with light beer. The potential is endless.”

Country’s mission is to produce and sell cannabis you can rely on, whether it’s for an uplifting experience, stimulating your social skills, or simply enjoying the delicacy of light cannabis. You can find Country’s products on Eaze and select retailers throughout California.

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