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News | 04.06.2022

Medical Marijuana Research Bill Passed By House, The Second Pro-Cannabis Bill Passed This Week

The newly-passed Medical Marijuana Research Act comes on the heels of the Marijuana Opportunity and Reinvestment Act, broadening the country's cannabis landscape.

Marijuana is still considered a controlled substance in the United States. When states adopt legalization, they’re left looking to outside countries for research on the effectiveness of marijuana, especially in terms of its medical benefits

Wanting to change that, Democratic Congressman Ed Blumenauer introduced the Medical Marijuana Research Act last year, which would allow researchers in the United States to legally look into different aspects of the plant solely for medical purposes. 

Blumenauer wrote on Twitter, “Absent a framework, research is outsourced to other countries-a missed opportunity for the industry & millions of Americans who consume cannabis products.”

High Times reports the House of Representatives recently voted to pass Blumenauer’s medical research bill, which won by a landslide.

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Interestingly, the House also passed the Marijuana Opportunity and Reinvestment Act (MORE Act), which would decriminalize cannabis on a federal level and expunge records/call for sentence review hearings for those in prison for non-violent cannabis crimes. 

High Times notes an official summary of the bill would create a new and separate “registration process to facilitate medical marijuana research” while making a few minor changes to the Controlled Substance Act that restricts researchers from examining it for scientific or medical purposes. 

In further detail, the new bill would present the following; 

  • Allow the DEA “to register practitioners to conduct medical marijuana research,”
  • Allow “manufacturers and distributors to supply marijuana for such research.”
  • Call on the “Department of Health and Humans Services to produce marijuana through the National Institute on Drug Abuse Drug Supply Program,”
  • Allow the Department of Health and Humans Services to “implement a specialized process for supplying marijuana products available through state-authorized marijuana programs to researchers until manufacturers and distributors can provide a sufficient supply of marijuana for medical research.”

The Medical Marijuana Research Act and the Marijuana Opportunity and Reinvestment Act are currently heading over to the Senate for another vote. 

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