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News | 11.05.2021

New Music Friday: Travis Scott Releases Two New Singles

Two new singles from Travis Scott were just what we needed to kick off the weekend.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Travis Scott returns after nearly three years of releasing solo music with two of the hottest tracks we’ve heard this year entitled “Escape Plan” and “Mafia.”

Not only did he drop two vibey new singles, but the “Goosebumps” rapper will also treat Apple Music users with an exclusive live performance of his Astroworld set tonight at 7:00 pm PT and 10:00 pm ET.

The two new singles are said to come off the rapper’s forthcoming album “Dystopia,” which has yet to be announced, but fans are eager to find more hints about whether this is the album’s set name and when it might release.

There is no news yet, but it’s safe to say that Scott confirmed the forthcoming album with the two singles alongside artwork that depicts an evil elf-like Travis Scott under a Weekly World headline that states, “THE TRUE DYSTOPIA IS HERE!”

When the clock struck 12 last night, we rushed over to Spotify and Apple Music to see this week’s new hits. Our jaws were on the floor once we noticed that the top two tracks of the week were not only from Travis Scott but seemed to be entirely solo, a path he hasn’t taken since the notorious 2018 record “Astroworld.”

Listening to the first track, “Escape Plan,” a blistering and wavy hip-hop beat activated our “stank face” while Scott jumped into his melodic and rhythmic bars with heavy drums abound. His sci-fi-like synths and undertones are a staple for Scott, and the song’s overall feel is nothing but otherwordly.

There’s something about his calm, cool, and composed delivery that leaves us with chills and in search of a lighter; since Scott is a cannabis lover himself, it’s only fair to listen to these bangers after sparking up.

Moving onto the second single, “Mafia,” Trav slowed it down, and we couldn’t be more grateful for such an atmospheric and transcendent listening experience. Again, Scott’s melodic and rhythmic delivery is nothing but food for the soul, and we encourage you to get puffing on your favorite herb before listening to this celestial experience.

But wait, is that J. Cole? Travis Scott has answered our prayers once his distorted vocals fade out and in comes J. Cole with an attention-commanding performance to bring us to our knees.

We love it when rappers don’t credit their feature in the song title; it makes for an even more exciting experience to hear one of your favorite rappers make their confident appearance to shake things up.

Scott seems to be well on his way to becoming an icon, especially after Kanye West sent a group text to him, JAY-Z, Pusha-T, Drake, Kim Kardashian, and Kid Cudi, saying that he’s richer than all of them combined, which you can read more about here.

Besides minor hiccups like this, even though Ye is basically family to him, it’s clear that Travis Scott is unphased and ready to take the hip-hop world by storm once again.

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