Concussion pill using cannabis could be a game changer

There’s an epidemic of brain injuries in football and hardly any options to treat them.

LAS VEGAS, NV - DECEMBER 18: Michael Mizrachi competes at the third Main Event on the final day of the Epic Poker League Inaugural Season at the Palms Casino Resort on December 18, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) recently pulled his cannabis endorsement mid-tournament.

Nevada’s gaming regulators are notoriously anti-cannabis.

The NBA and NFL still ban all cannabis products even though many athletes say they help with pain.

BIG 3 Founder Ice Cube speaking at the 2018 BIG 3 Draft

They join a growing number of athletes “coming out of the green closet” about how cannabis helped them cope with injuries they suffered on the field.

Kickball for Cannabis? Former Denver Broncos Players Hit the 4/20 Games

Since retiring, Barnes has come out of the green closet to help pro-athletes deal with the stigma of cannabis.

Matt Barnes holding a basketball and licking his lips while playing for the Grizzlies

Reuben Foster of the 49ers is officially in the clear for cannabis possession charges.

Reuben Foster of the San Fransisco 49ers smiling during a game

Mike James put his career on the line to change the league’s policy. Now, he might suffer for it.

NFL denies first ever request for MJ for "therapeutic use" exemption

For athletes, cannabis can result in fines, drug courses, and even expulsion.

Professional athletes admit to smoking weed

Fans can get discounts and Lights-branded herb.

The Las Vegas Lights Become The First Sports Team To Partner With A Dispensary

Ricky Williams is launching his own brand of medical marijuana products under the name Real Wellness.

Mike Jeffcoat, a baseball coach for Texas Wesleyan University, was fired after sending a preemptive rejection letter.

Baseball Team

Currently, when NFL players injure themselves, they’re met with two options: power through it and stay on the field, or recover and risk slipping into obscurity.

Hawaiian State Senators Pressure The NFL To Allow Players To Use CBD

How do you use CBD like Olympians? For pain, stress, and sleep for starters.

Shannon Briggs ballooned up to 400-pounds. Weed got him back in the ring.

hannon Briggs celebrates victory

The 420 Games is proving that stoners are a lot more than couch-locked.

The case is going all the way to the Supreme Court, where decisions are felt on a national level.

Former NHL enforcer, Riley Cote tells HERB that he thinks professional sports organizations embracing cannabis will benefit players’ health and teams’ bottom-lines.

NHL Enforcer Cannabis Professional Sports