CJ Harris

Star Athlete Forced To Leave School For Life-Saving Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil stopped CJ Harris’ epilepsy-related seizures, but Federal law means he’s still not allowed to take his dose at school.

May 26, 2017 - Todd Farmington

Cannabis oil stopped CJ Harris’ epilepsy-related seizures, but Federal law means he’s still not allowed to take his dose at school. CJ Harris is a high school athlete, and also the star of a cannabis oil debate.

CJ Harris wants to bring cannabis oil on campus

See, CJ is one of the 1,700 patients to have signed up throughout Georgia for medical marijuana – the marijuana that his family credit for keeping him free of seizures over the last few months – but his high school says he can’t bring it on campus.

It’s hard because you don’t know if this is your last breath your child is taking. You just don’t know. – Curtis Harris, CJ’s father

But, since CJ started taking cannabis oil, which has been legal in the state of Georgia for two years, he has not had another seizure.

He’s going from having two seizures a month or one seizure a month, and now he hasn’t had any? That’s like, wow.

The cannabis oil has stopped CJ from having seizures, which would see him hit his head in almost half the cases, so what is the problem? It’s not that the cannabis oil isn’t working, but more the fact that CJ has to miss class to go take his noon dose, because the medicine is forbidden on his campus, since it violates federal law.

I’ve got to come pick him up, every day, check him out of school, bring him to the house.

After meeting with the Harris family, the reporter for WSBTV, Rikki Klaus, contacted the Houston County Board of Education about the situation, which sent her a statement that reads, in part:

Per the Safe and Drug Free Schools federal law, the oil may not be brought onto school grounds.

State Rep. Allen Peake, who is responsible for advocating for and ushering in Georgia’s medical marijuana program, said cases like this are going to become more and more common since state law conflicts with federal law.

Rep. Peake is one of the politicians on the progressive side of cannabis legislation and has done some outstanding things to further transform Georgia into a cannabis friendly state. He drives to states like Colorado, where cannabis is legal, just to purchase regulated cannabis oil to help children with seizures.

CJ’s case is not going to be isolated. There are kids all over the state who are going to be facing the same issue, particularly now that autism is added to the list of qualifying conditions. – Peake

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