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sports | 01.01.2022

NFL Players Line Up For Cannabis Oil To Manage Pain

A group of current and former NFL players have started a group that wants to end the pharmaceutical addictions associated with life after football.

A group of current and former NFL players have started a group that wants to end the pharmaceutical addictions associated with pain management after football. The Gridiron Cannabis Coalition (GCC) strives to fund research for cannabis as a better treatment for pain compared to addictive pharmaceuticals. Players that retire from the NFL often have numerous injuries that can bring severe pain for the rest of their lives. And since they are three times more likely to become addicted to opioids, a new pain management strategy is very much needed. 

A less harmful and addictive alternative

With thousands of people dying a year from avoidable narcotic overdoses, the public needs research conducted into an alternative that can be just as effective. The GCC hopes that research will not only help former NFL players but anybody who suffers from chronic pain.

The research is being quarterbacked by Constance Finley, the founder of Constance Therapeutics. He understands first hand the effects that these pharmaceuticals can have on people.

I was inspired to work with GCC because so many athletes have been failed by traditional medicine, just as I have. After cycling through several prescription drugs with the hope of finding relief from my rare autoimmune disease, I reluctantly tried medical cannabis. This ended up being the decision that would save my life…

It is now my mission to help others seeking alternatives to what are often highly addictive pharmaceuticals. – Constance Finley

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