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News | 04.13.2022

Survey Says Americans Are Ready To Travel To & Invest In German Cannabis Companies

With Germany's new government swearing the legalization of adult-use cannabis, Americans want in.

It’s no secret that Germany is on the radar for prospective recreational cannabis legalization. A recent survey shows that the majority of Americans are setting their sights on the country’s future progressive moves for a vacation destination and investments

Forbes reports that the Bloomwell Group conducted the survey sent out to 845 cannabis users in the United States while tracking how they felt about Germany’s forthcoming legal market. 

As of now, medical marijuana is legal throughout Germany, which you can only obtain with certain eligible conditions. However, the new coalition government swore to legalize the “controlled distribution of cannabis to adults for consumption in licensed stores” under the recreational umbrella. 

In fact, if Germany legalizes adult-use cannabis, a report from BDSA highlights that legal sales would reach $3 billion by 2026. 

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Circling back to the survey from Bloomwell Group, 61% of respondents said they would invest in cannabis stocks in Europe. Furthermore, 87% believed that cannabis should be legal across the globe. 

Eight out of ten American cannabis-using respondents said that German cannabis companies are “attractive investment options.”

52% were in the know, agreeing that they were “aware that Germany will most likely become the largest legal cannabis market within the next three years.”

Forbes reports the survey results, and looking at the travel and tourism sector, 65% said they would “travel to a city or country to experience its licensed cannabis market,” and 44% said they would travel to Germany solely for a cannabis tourism experience. 

Most respondents added that German snack pretzels are the ideal munchie snack. 

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