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News | 01.28.2022

The CannaSpa Gifting Lounge: Celebrating The First Super Bowl In A Cannabis-Friendly State

This cannabis spa and lounge is happy to celebrate a Los Angeles Super Bowl.

This upcoming Super Bowl marks a milestone for the cannabis community. While the very first Super Bowl was held in Los Angeles, California, in 1967, and another in 1993, it’s been almost thirty years since the city hosted the biggest sporting event in the country. 

The core difference between past LA Super Bowls and the forthcoming event is that it had never been hosted in a state where cannabis consumption was legal. Now, with the first-ever Super Bowl in a cannabis-friendly state, we hope the cannabis community will lead by example and demonstrate how we use the plant to benefit our mind and body in the healthiest ways. 

One company is taking that notion to the next level. Enter CannaSpa, a culinary and cannabis brand that offers a diverse community of spa, wellness, fitness, and culture to cannabis enthusiasts to represent the beloved community we are all a part of.

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Founded by Tamara Anderson, the culinary and cannabis brand created events that focus on the education of cannabis through “safe access to quality products” while helping consumers understand every way they can use the plant, notes PRNewswire.

CannaSpa has spent extensive time establishing its brand to use it for educational purposes and bridge the gap between the cannabis and CBD community. Now, the trailblazing event series fusing cannabis, education, and wellness around the globe announced a CannaSpa Gifting Lounge in honor of the Super Bowl coming to weed-friendly LA.

Photo courtesy of Culinary & Cannabis

The company also shared a list of brands that are dedicated to sharing CannaSpa’s message regarding the importance of self-care and cannabis education, including Chef Matt, Kronic Releaf, Kushed Candles, Hydro Pops, Marro, Royal Treatment Wellness Massages, Elle Marie Spa, Facial and Oxygen Therapy, High and Mighty, Stoned and Toned, Vanity, and ETC Everything.

To spend the day at the lovely CannaSpa Gifting lounge, guests will have to email and receive an invitation and RSVP. The event is held at an undisclosed location, and all details will be given upon RSVP. The lounge will have Covid protocols in place and rapid tests available. 

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