Photo courtesy of The Sisters of the Valley

News | 01.28.2022

The Sisters Of The Valley Will Gift 1,000 Customers With High-CBD Hemp Seeds

As a sincere thank you, The Sisters are giving away their own proprietary seed strain.

Our favorite Sisters recently announced that as of February 1, they will donate 13,000 high-CBD hemp seeds to customers as a gesture of gratitude for supporting them in such unsettling times. The seeds will be mailed to their customers as a surprise. 

The Sisters of the Valley are a small business growing hemp and selling cannabinoid tinctures, oils, and salves. Starting next month, they will make a list of the last 1,000 customers who purchased from them and gift the high-CBD hemp seeds along with a thank you card. 

Photo courtesy of The Sisters of the Valley

The Sisters are planning on mailing the seeds to 500 customers in February and an additional 500 in March. The nun-like hemp growers were facing major obstacles when growing laws began to change, and their farm didn’t seem to align with the local regulations. According to High Times, Sister Kate told them how for a “brief moment in time” from 2018 to 2019, local laws “made it illegal to grow on anything less than 20 acres.”

Having been in business for the past four years on a small one-acre farm, The Sisters were worried about where the future of their hemp growing would lie. Because of the law and the uncertain future, Sister Kate decided to let the male plants go to seed because she thought they would get confiscated upon inspection. However, not a single soul had a complaint or issue with The Sisters, and the 20-acre law was no longer.

Photo courtesy of The Sisters of the Valley

So, the seeds that Sister Kate had were “born of adversity,” she told High Times. The Wee Bairn seed strain is The Sisters’ very own proprietary high-CBD seed strain that’s not guaranteed to be feminized, but the strain is packed with beneficial cannabinoids. These seeds were bred from only CBD-rich strains and other hemp strains like Charlotte’s Web, Suzy Q, Cherry Pie, and Remedy.

High Times reports that customers who have already grown the seeds gave some positive feedback. Some customers received a 12:1 THC:CBD ratio and others received a balanced 1:1, known as “The Golden Ratio,” according to The Higher Path. This isn’t the first time The Sisters decided to give away seeds, as with most major bundle purchases for salves and tinctures in 2019, the growers gifted some seeds for customers to plant on their own time. 

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