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News | 11.05.2021

These TikTok Famous Alpacas Are Behind The Top CBD Products

Thanks to "alpaca gold," this hemp farm is growing top-quality crops.

You might have heard of the CBD company Miraflora that sells various products like beverages, bath bombs, and edibles for humans and pets. However, there’s something different about Miraflora that sets their products apart from the rest.

Miraflora’s farm and manufacturer in Boulder are not only home to CBD-rich hemp but a family of adorable alpacas who go by the names Irish Whiskey, Jackson Hole, Burrito, and more. The alpaca bunch has gained quite the following on TikTok. The Alpacas Hemping account has generated over 7,300 followers while giving social media users the opportunity to witness what a day in the life of these helpful alpacas is all about.

Yes, they’re cute, and all, but the alpacas are wildly helpful for maintaining Miraflora’s status as a USDA-certified organic farm. “Alpacas are great for fertilizer,” Brent Facchinello, Miraflora’s co-owner, chief operating officer, and self-proclaimed alpaca whisperer, told the Denver Post.

When Facchinello’s cousin purchased a 160-acre farm back in 2019, the first thought was that livestock would be beneficial. That said, they agreed that a family of alpacas would help create nutrient-rich compost that’s also high in nitrogen.

Photo by denverpost

“It’s all about making sure we have the best topsoil, and the best topsoil makes some of the best crops,” Facchinello said. The alpacas on Miraflora’s farm spend most of their time galavanting through a 10-acre pen to roam and gallop as much as their heart desires. When they’re hungry, alpacas usually eat about 1.5% of their body weight or two pounds of hay daily for a 125-pound alpaca.

“Alpacas are kind of like cats; they only go to the bathroom in one spot,” said Facchinello. “It makes it very easy to collect manure and get it back into the soil through those means.” The farmworkers then use the manure to create their organic compost, distributed to hemp plants in need of nutrients.

Miraflora farms have also implemented a drip irrigation system to control water use. More recently, they’ve installed solar panels to generate natural electricity. Sometimes those who pass by the farm catch a glimpse of the organic and all-natural manufacturing, and more often than not, they leave with a smile after meeting the happy alpacas that greet them at the fence.

“I know a lot of people tend to think of alpaca as a livestock animal, but we tend to see them as pets,” said Facchinello, recognizing that the alpacas are a driving force behind CBD sales. “In any business, you have faces of the business … the alpacas are becoming the face of Miraflora.”

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