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News | 01.05.2022

This Dispensary Lets You Buy Cannabis In The Metaverse And Get It Delivered In Real Life

This real-life dispensary is one of the first to dip into the metaverse waters.

Some cannabis businesses are deciding to take advantage of the newfound metaverse and capitalize on the digital trend. One company, in particular, is selling cannabis in the metaverse and delivering it to your door in real life. 

Higher Life CBD made waves last week when the company announced they would launch an actual CBD dispensary in the metaverse, making them one of the first cannabis brands to actually sell cannabis in the metaverse and deliver it to your doorstep in the United States. 

CEO of Higher Life CBD, Brandon Howard, told Forbes that the pandemic had forced many companies into tough situations where they had to figure out new and alternative ways to communicate with employees and customers. “For some, that means looking beyond the physical world and thinking outside of the box,” he explained. 

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Howard added that there’s “great potential in the virtual reality world,” explaining how it changed the game for how consumers buy products and businesses sell them. Now, according to Howard, being able to shop in the metaverse and physically receive your items at your doorstep is “groundbreaking and the next big thing.”

With ventures like these, the metaverse is quickly becoming a place where NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the cannabis world will coincide. Higher Life CBD first dropped their metaverse dispensary on Cryptovoxels; a virtual world created on the Ethereum blockchain.

Higher Life CBD is thrilled to be one of the first cannabis companies to step foot into the metaverse. Howard said his team will communicate with customers easier and give them an actual experience without being at their physical storefront. Shopping for cannabis just got way more entertaining now that customers can listen to music, get a complete view of the dispensary, and browse the company’s NFTs displayed on the digital walls.

Photo courtesy of Higher Life

Howards concluded that while the world continues to change into a more technologically advanced way of life, his company is “honored” to be one of the “first [cannabis companies] to test the waters, he told Forbes.

While Cryptovoxels has its own city dubbed Origin City, they also have a God-like metaverse owner called The Corporation, which owns the streets of Origin City. While The Corporation owns the streets, parcels are owned by individuals who pay up to $1 million to obtain them.

In one instance, Forbes reports that one user spent $450,000 to purchase a parcel beside Snoop Dogg’s virtual house in The Sandbox, another Ethereum-built platform.

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