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News | 01.28.2022

This Group Is Helping Colorado Springs Finally Legalize Recreational Cannabis Sales

One Colorado city currently bans recreational cannabis sales, and this group wants to change that.

Although Colorado was the first state to legalize the sale of recreational cannabis in 2012, it took about two years until that was brought to life. Furthermore, the city of Colorado Springs decided to ban the recreational selling of cannabis in 2013, leaving locals traveling to other cities to purchase and possess “legal” recreational cannabis. 

Now, a group of business and community leaders dubbed Your Choice Colorado Springs is reworking that decision and putting it in the hands of its residents. The group’s main argument focuses on the city’s tax revenue, as Colorado Springs is missing out on this portion of the industry by keeping recreational sales out of the question.

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About 100 medical marijuana dispensaries are up and running in Colorado Springs, and Your Choice Colorado Springs recently filed a ballot on Monday that would give voters the chance to decide if the city’s medical marijuana dispensaries could file licensing applications to sell recreational adult-use cannabis, according to High Times.

Cliff Black, attorney, and lead elector petitioning the city for adult-use cannabis sales told High Times his frustration regarding how politicians have “robbed [the] city” of tax revenue for far too long. The current law basically gives those millions of dollars in tax revenue to other Colorado cities like Denver and El Paso.

While Black explained that recreational cannabis is totally legal to use in Colorado Springs, the locals see none of its benefits. Through the new ballot, Black and other enthusiasts are “asking voters if they want to keep their tax dollars local,” he said, reports High Times.

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If passed, the regulations would not allow new cannabis dispensaries to open and sell cannabis for adult use, rather allow the 100 existing medical dispensaries to branch out to the recreational market. According to Your Choice Colorado Springs’ website, the group says tax revenue from recreational cannabis in the city is vital for improving public safety, growing mental health services, and supporting military veterans. 

For now, you can help promote the cause by signing the petition here. Spread the word and tell a friend why it’s essential for Colorado Springs to take advantage of the “cash crop” and keep all tax revenue in the hands of locals. Your Choice Colorado Springs is a group of volunteers in search of other like-minded enthusiasts, so if you’re up to helping the city reach legalized recreational sales, follow its social media to find out how you can volunteer. 

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