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News | 11.08.2021

This Outdoor Clothing Brand Launches A New Wine Venture

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Environmentally friendly clothing brand Patagonia is now heading into the wine business, and we think it’s one of the smartest moves the company could make.

Photo courtesy of Patagonia

Patagonia’s wines include a delicious red from the hybrid Marquette grapes manufactured at a permaculture farm in New York state, a tangy Austrian pinot blanc infused with thyme, a delightful apple-and-quince Chilean cider, and a light-bodied red from Mt. Etna. All are exclusive cuvées and follow the company’s environmental ethos.

Many might think this is a random move for a clothing brand making fleece jackets and fishing gear to head into the alcohol industry. But according to Bloomberg, who spoke with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard over Zoom, he said it was a logical and thoroughly planned extension of Patagonia Provisions.

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Patagonia extended into the food industry in 2012 once Chouinard began to acknowledge the significance that food has on finding solutions for environmental crises’. He said that food and agriculture are a matter of human survival; “I’m interested in regenerative organic agriculture and the correlation between taste and nutrition,” he said to Bloomberg via Zoom.

Chouinard mentioned that he views wine as a direct path into those discussions. The idea of extending into the wine industry at Patagonia Provisions began in 2018. But what pushed the idea into motion was an Instagram connection.

Once Chouinard’s daughter-in-law Lizzy (a former chef) and former sommelier Brian McClintic (who runs an online wine subscription company that focuses on organically farmed wines worldwide) began chatting, they set the idea in stone. Soon after, McClintic secured Quebec importer Nabya Filipovic to find producers for Patagonia to collaborate with and help them push the boundaries of fermented beverages.

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Birgit Cameron, head of Patagonia Provisions, said the timing of the extension is as good as it gets. “Now is a great moment for curiosity,” she says to Bloomberg via Zoom about how younger drinkers are now looking for more health-conscious products.

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