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travel | 01.01.2022

Disney Has Officially Banned Cannabis From Its Theme Parks

For a lot of people, the “Most Magical Place On Earth” might not be as magical, as Disney has officially banned cannabis from its theme parks.

For a lot of people, the “Most Magical Place On Earth” might not be as magical, as Disney has officially banned cannabis from its theme parks.

Oh dear, Disney

Medical marijuana laws are pretty tough already in Florida, and now there are places where it is against the rules, such as all Disney theme parks.

This week, cannabis joins the list of prohibited items such as scooters, beer, and strollers that are too large, having been officially added to the banned list at Disney parks.

Along with updating the rules and regulations page on the park’s website, a representative for Disney stated,

Although some states have legalized marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, marijuana remains illegal under federal law. We are revising our rules to clarify that marijuana is not permitted on our property.

As you can imagine, not everyone is happy about the new rule, such as Matt Morgan, an attorney who fought to pass Amendment 2 in the state of Florida. But Mr. Morgan is not surprised by the decision, as he understands the reasoning behind the policy.

To the extent that they’d go through someone’s personal belongings to search for that, I think that’s when the public might start having an issue with it. – Morgan

But Mr. Morgan has also said that he does realize Disney does not want people smoking, even though, for many patients, using medical cannabis means placing a drop of oil under their tongue.

For instance, if someone has a vaporizing pen in their purse, what makes that different than a pill of Oxycontin in their purse?

So, does that mean people should be treated differently?

That’s up to Disney to decide. But Mr. Morgan does believe that, as the public becomes more familiar with medical marijuana and its uses, rules and regulations will evolve.

All businesses are going to have to adapt and amend with society as this issue plays out.

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