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travel | 01.01.2022

Las Vegas installs weed deposit boxes at their airports

Just in case you forgot about that edible from the Vegas strip in your pocket.

Common knowledge indicates that you ought to keep some distance between your weed and an airport. There are 101 reasons to get pulled before a flight and who would want to tempt that. But in Las Vegas, it seems like McCarran International Airport will be a lot more forgiving about the proximity of pot. 

As of last week, a series of green ‘amnesty boxes’ began popping up around the Vegas airport. There are 13 boxes installed around the airport complex, with plans for 20 in total. They are designed for depositing legal weed in case you forget you have some on you or just want one last puff before hitting the skies. The boxes are bolted to the ground and leftover drugs cannot naturally be fished out of them. If you are found tampering with the boxes to get second-hand weed you will be dealt with like the dummy you are.

Last September, after the state of Nevada legalized recreational marijuana, the county voted on a ban on cannabis and cannabis-related advertising within the airport. Since cannabis is illegal on a federal level, not to mention not beloved by traveling families, the motion was intended to avoid bureaucratic ire.

Outside of the airport, recreational cannabis sales are legal and you can hit the Vegas strip with up to an ounce in your pocket. Adults may also grow up to six cannabis plants at home. Inside the airport, laws and fines basically apply as if it were pre-legalization. So if you want to avoid dealing with police, it’s best to just leave your baggies in the bin. Additional amnesty boxes will be coming to Henderson Executive Airport, and North Las Vegas Airport.

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