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What To Look For When Buying Cannabis

High THC content isn't all that makes a strain great.

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Across California, cannabis prices have seemed to skyrocket, as purchasing an eighth of weed can range anywhere from $30 to $80 before taxes.

The most notable and well-known component of cannabis is its THC content, which can determine how expensive that particular strain is. There seems to be a huge demand for cannabis that contains 30% or more THC, which hinders the grower’s ability to sell their low-testing buds to retailers.

Low and behold, a high THC percentage isn’t all you should be looking for when buying your next strain of weed. It’s been said that THC isn’t the best indicator of a potent strain, as it can easily change with its environment.

Packaging Dates

Photo Courtesy of Houseplant

Say goodbye to the days where growers would bring pounds of fresh cannabis to the dispensary, as industry regulations now demand inventory tracking, lab test, and packaging/distribution to get their flowers from the farm and onto the shelves.

We should mention that this process is rather lengthy, which is why it’s normal to see cannabis being sold six months after it was harvested. Something to take note of is the decrease in THC content as cannabis is exposed to light and oxygen, converting THC into a sedating and less psychoactive compound.


Terpene profiles alongside cannabinoid content allow consumers to gather the most information possible in regards to their strains. Terpenes are responsible for making weed “dank” through their aromatic compounds found in cannabis and other plants.

However, terpenes in cannabis merge with cannabinoids in an “entourage effect,” which expresses and amplifies a particular strain’s effects.

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September 14, 2021 — Last Updated September 15, 2021
Written by Herb
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September 14, 2021 — Last Updated September 15, 2021
Written by Herb

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