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News | 01.28.2022

What’s The Deal With Cannabis In Peru?

Peru might just be the next cannabis cultivation hub.

Peru has experienced some rollercoaster-like perspectives on cannabis since approving the plant for medical purposes in 2017. While the United States has about 28 states that have legalized medical cannabis, and Canada has both recreational and medical use legalized, we’re patiently waiting for more countries to make use of the “cash crop.”

Take Peru, for example. The country has shown significant interest in changing cannabis laws and policies to hopefully help European and North American cannabis companies utilize Peru’s ideal growing environment and relatively inexpensive labor costs. 

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The legalization conversation has been a heavy and compelling one, especially regarding the thousands of patients in need of proper medicine for their specific conditions. Peruvian politicians have made clear that they’re ready to help bring quality medicine to residents who require it.

This news isn’t new at all, as the country passed medical cannabis in September 2017, but the government hadn’t implemented the law for a few years later. According to BizLatin Hub, it wasn’t until February 23, 2019, that the Peruvian government approved Law No. 30691, regulating the medicinal and therapeutic use of cannabis and its derivatives.

The sole purpose of the law was to address provisions, encourage research, and create a framework of products for patients looking for their required medicine and therapeutic support. The Supreme Decree, Peru’s highest hierarchy law provision, issued regulations that directly answer public health needs for about 6,700 patients looking to cannabis to help treat their specific conditions.

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In terms of licensing, importation, and the commercialization of medical cannabis and its derivatives, BizLatin Hub notes that the plant will only be given to “natural or legal persons constituted as an authorized pharmaceutical establishment” and certified by The Directorate General of Drug Supplies and Drugs of Peru. 

When granted a production license, the following actions are permitted; 

  • Acquisition of seeds and/or seedlings of cannabis
  • Planting, propagation, cultivation, harvest and post-harvest, and manufacture of products derived from Cannabis
  • Storing and transporting medical cannabis

Because Peru holds such an ideal climate for growing cannabis, it’s only wise for North American and European cannabis companies to look towards the country for cannabis cultivation and labor. We should expect to see more opportunities arise for Peru’s cannabis market as the new medical sector continues to flourish. 

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