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News | 07.28.2022

Zimbabwe Legalizes The Sale Of Cannabis Products For Medical Purposes

After legalizing medical marijuana in 2018, Zimbabweans can finally make medicinal sales and purchases.

Many countries are still traveling down the long road to cannabis legalization.

While we’ve seen North America adopt legalization rather quickly (and some parts of Europe), Zimbabwe just made headlines after legalizing the sale of hemp-based products for medicinal purposes.

This is a huge move for the Zimbabwe government, which was mainly focused on growing tobacco and pushing that as a cash crop.

However, now that hemp and cannabis products are legal for medical purposes, Zimbabwe‘s Treasury estimates that this move should bring in $1.25 billion per year, at least.

Cannabis Isn't New In Zimbabwe

Did you know that Zimbabwe legalized medical marijuana in 2018? Unless you’re from there or have family there, you probably didn’t know that.

That’s because although medical marijuana was legal, there was a lack of regulations for its cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and sale.

But now, according to Bloomberg, The Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) is encouraging the following list to get licensed;

  • Cannabis and hemp cultivators/producers
  • Manufacturers
  • Importers
  • Exporters
  • Retail pharmacists

Furthermore, if the groups above choose to work with cannabis but don’t get licensed, regulators are warning that legal repercussions will follow.

In order to ensure that each medicinal product stays consistent and is safe to ingest, regulators have asked cultivators and producers for product samples for further testing and to follow guidelines for routine checkups.

In a letter written by MCAZ, anyone interested in cultivating, producing, manufacturing, and selling medical marijuana will have to get their products certified by an accredited laboratory that specifies the quantity of CBD and THC in each product.

Just like any cannabis product worldwide, each good will also be labeled with its intentions, warnings, and contradictions.

So far, regulators have made known that they’ve already started obtaining applications to get approved to operate within Zimbabwe‘s medical marijuana space.

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Rachel Abela

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Rachel Abela

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