1666 Graveley St., Vancouver, BC
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Kiaro is an all-encompassing solution for cannabis enthusiasts. It is a place where you can find all the products you love, get to know and understand their effects, and learn about the cannabis industry as a whole. Kiaro means light. That’s because Kiaro was created with the belief that cannabis and its benefits can be illuminating, and their mission is to help people receive them by educating users, sharing information, and providing the best products of the market. This recently opened location off Commercial Drive has everything and is conveniently located right in the heart of Vancouver.

  • Comfortable seating areas and self-serve kiosks for a convenient and easy shopping experience.
  • Offers workshops for customers and community members to learn more about cannabis.
  • Highly-knowledgeable budtenders offer deep insights into products.

It is hard to find any cannabis retailer more committed to their work than Kiaro. Besides their superb service and top-quality products, they are dedicated to educating people on cannabis through their budtenders and partnering with other organizations to host educational workshops for cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Cannabis For You, Near You


Made in Los Angeles and Toronto