When you’d rather stay at home and smoke weed while your friends go drinking


There’s nothing like it the cocktail of adrenaline and relief of canceling plans.

Charlie Tetiyevsky

There’s nothing like the cocktail of adrenaline and relief of canceling plans. Maybe you’re tired. Maybe you don’t have the social energy. Or maybe you just want to smoke a heady OG Kush, play some video games, watch something dumb, and go to bed. There’s nothing wrong with it, and in fact, some relaxation time can actually boost your brain chemistry. That’s right—taking the time to really chill out, maybe by doing some stoned meditation, can help you limit your release of stress chemicals. It’s actually pretty similar to how CBD works, which is by acting on receptors in your brain that chill out the tension signals you’re sending out to your body mentally and physically.

So there’s nothing wrong with just relaxing with your favorite indica or indica-dominant hybrid, something like Sour OG, or a relief-heavy bud like the 2:1 CBD to THC CBD Critical Cure. You won’t necessarily want to socialize after one of those non-CBD Indicas, especially if you’re sensitive to THC-heavy sessions, but it might just put you in touch with those closed-off parts of your brain.

And look, even if you’re not interested in getting so stoned that you approach ego death, there’s just something nice about sitting at your kitchen table listening to Bob Marley and rolling a big old fatty for yourself to enjoy. The world is your oyster, revel in being alone in those times when you can and enjoy the relaxation. And if that means that you might have to cancel on a crazy, bustling party on occasion—well, let’s just say that it might be worth it.

Charlie Tetiyevsky