If there were ever a cause for medicinal marijuana to be legalized, it would be the case of toddler, Reid Underwood in Cobb County, Georgia. Reid lives every day of his young life in pain and agony. He was born with a rare disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa or EB. The condition causes skin to blister upon every minor injury, heat, friction or scratch.

Imagine the amount of activity a toddler does with his legs, hands, and feet. Now imagine that every little movement is met with horrible infections, itching, pain, and wounds.

“It’s when you sleep, it’s when you eat, it’s when you play. I mean you live in constant pain your entire life.” – Audra Underwood

There is currently no cure for EB, the pain can only be alleviated with high-powered narcotics like morphine and methadone. Reid’s parents are fighting to be able to administer cannabis oil to Reid, to alleviate his suffering. At least for a little while.

Half-baked legislation

reid  The Fight For Cannabis Oil To Help A Young Life
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In 2015, Georgia passed a medical cannabis bill that allows patients suffering from eight specific conditions to use low THC cannabis oil if approved by the doctor and the state. However, the bill created no system for patients to access the drug, which forces people to cross state lines and purchase cannabis, which breaks federal law.

Reid doesn’t qualify for cannabis oil use under Georgia’s current law, but House Representative Allen Peake is advocating for EB to be added to the list of diseases for cannabis oil use and to create a regulated in-state medical cannabis system.

Reid’s doctor, Dr. Jakub Tolar in Minnesota who conducted a bone marrow transplant for Reid in hopes of improving his condition, is a huge proponent of using cannabis oil for itching and pain.

Reid’s parents admit, “they would rather bury their youngest child, than see him suffer like this.” The House Bill proposed by Representative Peake has not been passed yet, but Reid’s family is staying strong and fighting for their son.

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