Following suit from other streaming services, such as Pandora, Netflix is to replace its rating system of stars with a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” that will help let people know what’s good and what’s not-so-good.

Netflix will have no stars and just be all thumbs

Netflix Wants You 1 Will You Give The New Look Netflix Thumbs Ups Or Thumbs Downs?
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Don’t be worried about the change to the way your favorite and soon-to-be favorite shows are rated, though, as the current way can see classics such as House of Cards having the same rating as the much-maligned Iron Fist.

At the company’s last press briefing on March 16, Vice President of Product Innovation, Todd Yellin, informed tech journalists that the new way of rating – by using either a “thumbs up” or thumbs down” – was tested with the help of hundreds of thousands of members, back in 2016.

It seems that the testing went well, as not only is the new way system being implemented, but it resulted in a jump of over 200 percent more ratings being used over the tradition star-rating feature.

Another new feature

Netflix Wants You 2 Will You Give The New Look Netflix Thumbs Ups Or Thumbs Downs?
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Netflix has also announced it will be adding a button for skipping the opening credits on TV shows, meaning that binge-watchers will not have to sit through the theme song for each episode (or have the hassle of having to rewind after fast-forwarding too far).

Along with only being tested in certain regions, the skip feature has yet to be seen on all platforms, only being found in web browsers and during certain shows (such as House of Card and Mad Men). The feature appears above the timeline as a button that reads, you guessed it, “skip intro” (as some users have revealed).

The feature has been a request of many users, most of whom are guilty of binge-watching their favorite shows, as even the best opening themes – such as RJD2’s “A Beautiful Mine” for Mad Men – can become quite repetitive over the course of a single day that sees a whole season finished.

Plus, best of all, the feature will also skip over an episode’s cold open, so users won’t have to sit through a recap of what’s happened in previous episodes, which, for some, can be just what you’ve just watched minutes before. The feature will also automatically skip all of the aforementioned while auto-playing, too.

Just like the rating system, the testing is one of hundreds of tests that Netflix does over the course of each year, making it easier for the masses to “Netflix and chill”.