If Election Day 2016 proved anything, it’s that Americans’ attitudes towards once-illicit substances are evolving rapidly. Time to end the War on Drugs?

War On Drugs

If you want to try and pick the NES Classic Edition console up from a local retailer, here’s a list of retailers that might have them in stock.

NES Classic Edition

Find yourself wanting to take a T-break? Here are five ways to improve the experience and enjoy a successful tolerance break.

Successful Tolerance Break

Election Day 2016 was resoundingly reflective of the country’s position on the fact that more Americans than ever are approving of cannabis legalization.

election day

Finally, after much anticipation, Dave Chappelle is back, and he had a few things to say on Saturday Night Live’s first episode since Donald Trump’s win.

dave chappelle

This clip, from the recent “Real Time with Bill Maher” talks about how this election has given us all a reason to smoke weed.

Bill Maher

After discovering a cannabis vending cart, Canadian police put the man in charge under arrest and posted it on Twitter, where it received some criticisms.

Cannabis Vending Cart

One thing is for certain: This election will be remembered for years to come as one of the pivotal turning points in the history of cannabis policy.


In the wake of Tuesday night’s cannabis legalization sweep, the NFL Players Association is gearing up to study pain management with cannabis.


Still using your fingers to break your buds? What are the three main varieties of herbal grinders? And which one is best suited for you?


If you’re ready to up your ordinary beauty routine, these ten gorgeous cannabis-infused beauty products tare the perfect place to start.

Cannabis-Infused Beauty Products

Check out some great photos of Snoop Dogg visiting his newest Canadian investment for his “Leafs by Snoop” line of cannabis.


Over half of the country now with access to their medicine, so why is the stigma surrounding medical cannabis still very much still alive?

medical cannabis

This Veterans Day, we want to honor the Vets who have found that #herbheals, so we can raise awareness that all Veterans need cannabis as medicine.


Snoop took to Instagram to gain some insight into the Toronto real estate market from his Canadian buddy, Drake. Could Snoop truly be leaving?


Get your pro-pot friend the best gift this year from the progressive, outspoken Medicare Mermaids of Jamaica Bay, New York.

Medicare Mermaids

It’s time to say adios to messy coils and hello to the sleek and sexy Puffco Plus portable vaporizer.


Just like a majority of states have now enacted pro-cannabis legislation, two-thirds of players desire the same in the NFL.


SOURCEvapes has set out to ensure that your nails and dab pens are made from high-quality, human-safe materials that are safer, and healthier.

Searching for up to $80,000 in seed capital for your ancillary cannabis business? Canopy is now accepting applications for their Spring 2017 program.

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