Check out the video of police discovering a grow-op inside of a house in England after a tip-off from an anonymous snitch.

This Vietnam veteran had to choose between medical cannabis and a liver transplant. Here’s why she chose the herb over the operation.

Liver Transplant

This artist helped to pay homage to the Father of Cannabis, and the herb portrait proceeds will help further medical cannabis research.

Herb Portrait

Like people, many animals respond well to the medicinal benefits of cannabis. And with some super cute accessories available, they can also wear it.


Remember the amazing Nike sneakers Marty McFly wore in Back To The Future?


We live in a mobile world, your herbal experience should be, too. Thanks to the sleek design of the VQ, your vaping experience can be as mobile as you.


Let’s get to the truth behind Pot Prisoners by exposing some dirty little secrets of the United States Department of Justice.

Pot Prisoners

Best known for his groundbreaking decision to decriminalize low-level cannabis infractions, District Attorney Ken Thompson has lost his battle with cancer.

These gorgeous Secret World of Stuff videos are short and sweet, animating everyday normal objects and bringing them to life.

Secret World Of Stuff

Chico Ryder went through 28 radiation sessions for a rare form of cancer. But, when he began cannabis treatment, things improved dramatically.

Chico Ryder

For their latest curated edition, Hemper got together with Ty Dolla $ign to create a signature edition cannabis gear box just for him to share with you.

Ty Dolla $ign

Don’t miss the New West Summit, the largest and most influential cannabis event this weekend in San Francisco.

New West Summit

After a bit of research on the topic of chemotherapy, and discovering how it does more bad than good, daughter Paris Jackson is now promoting cannabis over chemo.

Not only can some of these weed-friendly handbags hide the smell of your weed, but they also look just as good as any Louis Vuitton.


Danish police have arrested a couple for supplying medicinal oil to patients with cancer. Could this be the beginning of Denmark’s cannabis law reform?

danish police

Utah had received $73,000 in eradication funds to eliminate cannabis plants in the state. Can you guess how many the DEA found?


Although there are probably a lot more than 50, this list will give you an important insight into which politicians support cannabis.


Thanks to Google, inquiring minds are able to find information about cannabis quicker than ever before.


One study is proving that the real gateway drug is actually legal, and has been proven to lead to harsher drugs at an astounding rate.


Truly informed citizens must understand both the pros and cons of any important social issue to make intelligent decisions at the voting booth.

proposition 64

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