Have asthma? Live in Los Angeles? You might be in luck. A cannabis-based pharmaceutical company is putting the herb to the test for respiratory conditions.

cannabis study

These glass pieces will leave you in a wonderful wonderland daze, where nothing is what it seems and everything is what it isn’t.

wonderful wonderland

Yes, no doubt the DEA decision was an initial kick in the teeth. Especially all that “No medical value” rubbish. But it’s not all doom and gloom.

DEA Decision

What do three grannies in Amsterdam get up to on a bright and sunny day? Roll up in a coffee shop of course. #GrannyGoals.

Grannies In Amsterdam

Olympians who smoke weed consistently win gold medals… Coincidence? I think not! Take a look at these top-tier toking gold medal Olympians.

gold medal Olympians

Obama has dropped his summer jam playlist. We can imagine rolling a fat blunt and cranking these tunes to enjoy the last blissful days of summer.

summer jam playlist

Assembling furniture from a box is hard enough. But building it while tripping on acid or shrooms? Welcome to Hikea.


Want to know more about the cannabis industry? Stay informed by following all ten of these important weed Twitter accounts.


Why are legislatives pushing bank reform? Have Americans shifted their smoking habits? What are the hurdles in legalization efforts?

New to cannabis? We’ve got the answers to the most common questions from those less experienced with the herb.

Common Questions

Climate change is a “hot topic”, with some denying it even exists. However, the planet is heating up, so what effect will this have on cannabis?

climate change

Bust out the turntables. Today is Vinyl Record Day, and we all know that good herb and good tunes are all you really need for the best time.

Vinyl Record Day

Do you have the skills to get paid to play Pokemon Go? One company is offering the ultimate job, if you have the skills.

Here’s why the DEA decision on rescheduling is not as bad as we all think. In fact, the DEA might have just done the best thing for cannabis legalization.

DEA decision

Cannabis may not be the reason why these are the healthiest cities in the country… But then again…

Healthiest Cities

Is cannabis the key to domestic bliss? These happy lovers think so.

Bond Over Weed

There are few spots more perfect for relaxation and fun than the beach. Here’s our top weed-friendly beaches that you can visit to enjoy the herb.

Weed-Friendly Beaches

Summer is winding down. Did you get your weed & watermelon fix? This mindblowing watermelon joint will take care of both.

Watermelon Joint

A glass coke bottle bong is a great way to put that classic Coca-Cola bottle to good use, and an awesome weekend project.

glass coke bottle

Here we go wth more BS claims. Apparently, homes may ultimately be rendered uninhabitable because growing weed at home is as toxic as meth houses.

meth houses

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