“The condition is children, jobs, life”, one woman responded when asked why she had a medical marijuana card.

With so many earth-saving qualities, hemp should become the official plant of Earth Day.

According to Jeanine Moss, co-founder of Annabís luxury purses for herb, lady entrepreneurs these days are a little more Prada and a little less tie-dye.

Check out this video by All Def Digital in honor of April 20th, “Dabs with Dads,” a 4/20 special.

Now you can smoke in style with this smokers armchair, made with the finest materials in Germany and custom made for you and your weed lifestyle.

Instead of just tossing them to the side, try some of these creative ways to put those marijuana stems to good use.

Sir Richard Branson took to Reddit on Wednesday to voice his support for cannabis legalization, answering questions on a number of different topics, including cannabis policy.

So we have all been there, it is April 21st, and you’re reminiscing about your 420 celebrations How many of these classic stoner antics happened to you yesterday?

420 is an awesome day for enjoying the herb as much as possible, but it’s even more of an awesome day with exclusive and unbeatable deals!

Tom Huth wants you to know that he has no grand agenda with cannabis. Like most writers, he simply wants to tell you his story. And what a story.

Are you and your guy or gal looking for something special to do this 420? Take a look at these 10 ganja inspired get together’s for a little inspiration.

People still swear by the buzz from holding in a hit, but what are they really getting?

Check out how these little guys deal with the huge task of rolling a joint and laugh your butt off.

Whether you’re new to this form of recreation or you’re a veteran stoner, we’ve got a few possibilities on deck to keep the good vibes going.

Before hippies, where did it even come from? Well, it has a much longer and richer history than you might think.

For those taking the lonely road to the healing herb, there is a great book to help you discover this amazing new world, written by a long-time veteran of everything cannabis.

If you are a fan of some serious herbal origami, then this instructional video for a scorpion joint is for you.

If you find yourself roaming the streets of a small Colorado town like South Park or a big city like Denver, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for one of these events.

If there was a “best day ever” it could very well be 420, and if you are living or visiting sunny Cali there’s a whole slew of great events you can get to.

Everyone’s favorite holiday is approaching and there are tons of events throughout Washington State where you can celebrate.

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