In homage to the next series of the greatest show ever made, try these GOT strains.

Everyone needs cannabis sometimes, even our favorite storybook characters.

Restalk is introducing a first of its kind product to the marijuana market – tree-free paper made from marijuana stalks!

Marijuana smoke, culture, art, and creativity. They all go hand and hand, especially for pipe and bong enthusiast and their creators.

If you don’t want to go through your exotic world tour without enjoying some bud, then perhaps you might want to reconsider traveling these countries.

There is nothing like having a whole day to yourself to take an entire eight bag to the head.

There are countless times the Simpsons have made reference to cannabis, and countless times someone has been high on the show (other than Otto).

To show that marijuana use does not hinder success, we’ve compiled a list of 7 extremely successful CEOs who admit to smoking weed.

These educational children’s books are an excellent resource for parents who may be a bit hesitant to teach their kids about medical marijuana,

According to Chris Walsh, the managing editor at Marijuana Business Daily, a lot of the celebrities that have invested so far have invested because marijuana has been a hobby of theirs for a long time.

Check this out to see what it looks like to slice marijuana like it’s a loaf of fresh bread!

Check out some of the coolest dab mats that we could find on the internet! From Family Guy to The Godfather, these mats will be sure to impress.

Van der Pop offers innovative exquisiteness to the marijuana enthusiast looking for an extra dose of elegance and security with their daily cannabis routine.

On last week’s episode of “The Late Show” host, Stephen Colbert, responded to a comment made by presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in regards to his past cannabis use.

Can you guess which one of these girls smokes weed every day?

Smoke cannabis to help you sleep and then have super heady dreams as you rest your head on beautiful bud covered pillows.

Those responsible for turning the United States into the most drug-addled nation on Earth deserve to pay a heavy price.

With the kinds of soaring highs the dab can give, the proper tools will make it easier to consume without having it go to waste or leaving a gooey mess all around your house.

Cliff Maynard is the creator of these amazing roach paper mosaic pieces of art. An amazing story of how marijuana is inspiring change in the world.

When the Bright Lights Fade started as a fundraiser for cannabinoid research, but it has since turned into a viral sensation that has the NFL scrambling to react.

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