Have you heard about how Billy Crystal smoked weed with his grandpa back in 1967?

Dave Grohl shamelessly admits he fell victim to one of the main stereotypes associated with marijuana users. But that doesn’t mean that you will, too!

Puff the magic dragon isn’t the only one who likes to enjoy the herb! With this Touch of Glass, we venture to a land of mythical beasts who truly know how to blaze. Be warned, because here, there be dragons!

Tired of rolling those old burnt-black weed roaches you’ve been collecting for the last few weeks? Why reroll them at all when you can make a filter for your joints? Here we show you the tricks of making a filter so you can smoke the joint all the way to the end.

Our fictional friends support the legalization of weed, too.

If you are lucky enough to be well connected in New York, you might know someone who knows someone who can get you an invitation to one of these clandestine cooking events.

While it’s true that many studies on drug use show that 99% of illegal drug users have indeed tried cannabis before trying anything else, the claims that marijuana is a gateway drug are absolutely bogus, and here’s why.

This year the famous High Times Cannabis Cup is going to be moving from its original location in Colorado to a new location in California.

Nearly every cannabis smoker has experienced it. You feel a tickle in your throat and the coughing fits begin. But, why exactly does this happen?

Edibles are yummy, but are you using these 8 tips when eating them?

Here at the Stoner’s Cookbook, we’re all about doing everything safely. So don’t forget to stay safe with cannabis-themed condoms!

Weed Condoms

Out of rolling papers? Got gum? If you answered yes to these questions then you are in business.

There’s nothing like making your very own crystal skull bong to get more intimate with your smoking experience.

Looking at this great country through the lenses of a visitor, a traveller and a connoisseur of that fine herb, we ask again: How much weed can we acquire with an Andrew Jackson note?

This 28-second video will make you and your friends expert dutch master blunt rollers in no time.

By being slightly healthier and easier to quit than regular cigarettes, E-cigs turn out to be the safer the option, but are they really?

Trying to get Cannabis on your vehicle’s license plate? Not in NY!

They say dogs are a man’s best friends, and that is especially true if you’ve trained old Spike to fetch your munchies.

Nostalgia for the classics that made us dress up for Halloween & play the characters in backyard imagination games is wonderful, but finding a piece of nostalgia you can smoke out of is even better!

The Denver Post’s new documentary Rolling Papers is a green look at the surface level of the marijuana industry in Denver, Colorado. Watch out—The Cannabist is watching.

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