Some people see marijuana as something that simply gets you high. Yes, it certainly does get you high, but there’s so much more to it than that.

Which country is #1 for smoking the most doobage? It ain’t Uruguay! How does the US stack up? Find out.

Studies are showing surprising links between smoking weed and video games. Read on if you want to level up.

Economically speaking, $20 in India can go a long way. And when it comes to that sweet Sheeba, you might be surprised.

Despite all of the effort that is being put into the marijuana legalization movement, the truth is that the factor that is going to make or break this movement is the involvement of the millennials.

Snoop Dogg is investing $25 million into one of the fastest growing industries in the USA, the cannabis industry.

Being high just makes you a little more sensitive, that’s all. From empathy towards the vegetables to breakdowns after complete memory failures, these Whisper posts tell all.

Have you ever wondered how weed became the hippest slang term for marijuana? Let’s find out!

This amazing collection captured by a federal photographer of teenagers smoking weed in the 70’s will show you a different perspective.

federal photographer

Want to make your own hash the easy way? Check out this video to learn how to make bubble hash!

make bubble hash

If you’ve done some pretty out of it things while you’ve been high in public, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Sean Kush from Hash Talk goes through different kinds of hash and tells us how to identify which ones are stronger than others.

A Cannabis and Comic Book VIP bus tour? Yeah, it’s real. Check out DINK, the Independent Comic and Art Expo 2016.


A preemptive measure taken this week bans drive-thru and walk-up marijuana dispensaries.

The boys from HashbarTV are at it again with huge slabs of shatter, foot long dabs and live resin hash oil, showing us the finest sticky on offer.

We all know that stoned sex takes bedroom activities to a different level, and doctors are finally recognising the benefits too.

Sex Life

The process of rolling up has always been an art. Check out these tight ass blunts that go above and beyond to other worlds of blunt creation.

Gone are the days where your options for smoking devices were apples, bowls, or bongs. Today, you can get the cleanest, tastiest hit of marijuana through a device as clean and beautiful as an Apple product.

Dixie cups and duct tape can take you places? Inventor Larry Fenner knows all about it because he turned his homemade clone shipping container into a viable marijuana business after getting funded by an event hosted by The ArcView Group, the country’s #1 cannabis industry forum.

No spring break is complete without a little cannabis, and these best buds for spring are sure to help you achieve vacation excellence.

best buds for spring break

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