This high-class purse comes with plenty of handy compartments, but most importantly it will completely mask the smell of weed.

purse that masks the smell of weed

There are a lot of negative stereotypes associated with smoking weed, but we know that’s simply not true. Perfect example is these confessions of getting high at work but remaining functional.

high at work

Packing a bowl with ground weed and having it fall straight through the cone piece is a pet peeve for a lot of smokers. When you pack a bowl correctly you ensure a smooth and efficient hit.

pack a bowl with weed

If the end of the day can´t come fast enough, and you´re bored, why not try hallucinating?


New Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may not currently use marijuana, but he vowed to introduce legislation that would legalize weed in all of Canada.


Every group of smoking buddies have their own set of spoken and unspoken rules for smoking marijuana. Take a look at this list of ten rules for smoking marijuana that you should always follow.

rules for smoking marijuana

We have a public service announcement for all the guys out there who have been stuck in this situation, and maybe still are to this day. You are not alone…

instagram husband

There are so many advantages to using a hemp wick over a butane lighter. This is why you should light your herb with herb.

hands hold hempwick for smoking cannabis

It’s always good form to ensure your smoking etiquette fundamentals are solid. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a noob, this revision / lesson on how to ash correctly is a helpful read.

ash weed

With beer commercials having budgets in the millions, beer & marijuana ad spots still have some way to go based on this early attempt.

beer and marijuana commercial

We have reached high noon in the showdown – marijuana vs. tobacco companies – and the war is taking place in the hallways of Capital Hill.

marijuana vs tobacco

If you smoke weed regularly then chances are you have one or more story about weed fails. We’ve all been there at least once.

weed fails

If you are wondering what some of the best activities are for when you’re high, this article is for you!

In this cannabis-friendly restaurant, you can vape your weed while enjoying a beer and a fine dining experience. Not bad!

cannabis-friendly restaurant

In this video Vice goes into the implications of legalization on the market, and how to include moms who enjoy cannabis into the picture.

stoned moms

The new wave of vaporizing and dabbing marijuana and marijuana concentrates is the result of marijuana users desiring healthier and more effective ways to get high.

Michael Straumietis has made it with Instagram and marijuana. His Instagram account shows him off as the Marijuana-Don of the online world, a virtual stoned Playboy.

marijuana guy on instagram

The exciting news for Star Wars fans is the next installment of the Star Wars saga is out Dec. 18. And you can celebrate the release with these awesome Star Wars strains.

star wars strains

We knew cannabis was grown thousands of years ago in China, but now, 2 pounds of the world’s oldest weed has be discovered.

world's oldest weed

This sweet, stoned collaboration brings Seth Rogan and Snoop Dogg together to get baked and the origins of Chronic.

origins of chronic

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