We knew cannabis was grown thousands of years ago in China, but now, 2 pounds of the world’s oldest weed has be discovered.

world's oldest weed

This sweet, stoned collaboration brings Seth Rogan and Snoop Dogg together to get baked and the origins of Chronic.

origins of chronic

No matter which holiday you celebrate, the season of giving is quickly approaching but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these gifts for stoners.

Gifts from Stoners

Now, grinders do not need frequent cleaning. In fact, collecting the keef gives you a special reserve. But when the time comes to clean your grinder, this is a good method.

clean your grinder

As if marijuana delivery wasn´t good enough – well it just got classy, too. The newest and classiest way to get quality marijuana delivered is here.

flow kana classy cannabis delivery

The Herblore mod for Minecraft was created by user “Calebmanley” and now let’s you grow weed or “toke” as the mod calls it.


Whether it’s a first date or with someone you have been dating for a long time, we have some good date ideas for stoner couples.

date ideas for stoner couples

If you’re in a bind and don’t have a grinder, or you don’t want to spend $50 on one, these quick and cheap methods show you how to make a grinder at home.

how to make a grinder

There’s a reason Bob Marley said that marijuana can bring you closer and create bonds that may have not always been there. There are many cases of Siblings who bond over weed!

Siblings bond with weed

The Emerald Cup is California’s annual event for outdoor, organic medical marijuana, and has some of the world’s most high quality cannabis.

emerald cup

Marijuana – you can smoke it, you can eat it, you can vape it, AND you can drink it! So here is the top 10 rundown of the cannabis drinks on the market.

cannabis drinks cannapunch

There is nothing more awkward than walking into a room and being told by a stranger that you smell like weed.

smell like weed

Joseph Gordon-Levitt appears on the Jimmy Kimmel show to give some smoking advice which he got from Seth Rogan on the set of their latest film together.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives weed smoking advise

The hotbox is something every cannabis enthusiast needs to try, at least once! We look at the do’s, don’ts and How-to’s.

how to hotbox

Is weed the most popular drug on the planet? It would come as no surprise given marijuana legalization has become a focus around the world.

weed the most popular drug

The cannabis plant is like the MacGyver of the flora universe. Now, you can build your house using hemp fibers!

houses made from hemp

The information is exciting, as it shows that more than half of the people north of Mexico are supportive of, and living peacefully with the idea of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana in more than half of US states

Most smokers enjoy finding new smoke spots to enjoy the herb. There is nothing better than taking in new scenery when smoking your favorite buds.

smoke spots

Cannabis alcohol, Cannabis edibles, Cannabis weddings, Cannabis lubricant, and now – Cannabis coffee!

cannabis coffee

We all have different reactions when the weed runs out. If you are smoking daily, then it´s never a nice feeling when you see that empty bag.

when the weed runs out

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