Leave it to Bill O’Reilly to come out and unabashedly verbal vomit all the worst anti-cannabis arguments in existence. Fox News has the entertainment.

July 8th, 2015 marked the one-year anniversary of legalizing cannabis sales in Washington State, and Sheriff John Urquhart tells us how it’s going so far.

Did you know Denver’s Mayor Hancock once opposed legal marijuana, which has since created $76 million in tax revenue? Listen to what he says about it now!

Shona Banda lost her child and her freedom because she used cannabis oil to help manage her debilitating Crohn’s disease. Here are 10 facts about this heart-wrenching case that has gained international attention.

Cannabis travel can be tricky: from the lingering smell and assorted gear to the legalities. Here are some essential travel items for the vape enthusiast.

From Fox News to parenting sites—it seems that nowhere is safe from ridiculous and uncool weed references. Here are three.

Some fast food is bad, some fast food is good and some fast food tastes like heaven when you’re baked. Here are 5 fast foods to improve with cannabis.

Cannabis is healthier than alcohol, but how does the alcohol industry feel about that? Here’s why alcohol companies might want to keep cannabis underground.

The speed at which the cannabis industry is developing is truly remarkable, and potreneurs like Michael Steinmetz are hard at work preparing for the future.

What do you get when a bunch of cannabis enthusiasts get together to celebrate life? The Church of Cannabis, and a whole lot of smiles.

If the law protects religious practices, how could it not also permit marijuana use — which remains illegal — as part of a broader spiritual philosophy?

This proposal could have helped patients desperate for understanding the therapeutic properties of medical marijuana and optimizing their medical options.

Despite stating that Alex Renton’s case was not representative of New Zealand’s stance on cannabis, we are positive that his fight for life was not in vain.

Well that’s one way to pull out a tooth. Forget the door handle when you’ve got a sling bow! You won’t be able to look away.

Whether Donald Trump still supports the legalization of all drugs, one thing is for certain: he is not afraid to go extremist if the situation calls for it.

Racial implications within the United States are no mystery as their prevalence grows increasingly apparent. Turns out, the cannabis industry is not exempt.

With the stroke of his pen, President Obama will likely commute more sentences at one time than any president has in nearly half a century. This is liberty.

What does one of the greatest water slides look like? Somersaulting through free-space in a pristine setting to happy-go-lucky trance music. Yes please.

Seibo Shen, our friend and founder of VapeXhale, is back from his jiu jitsu competition at Gracie Regionals and shares with us his invaluable experience.

Instagram account ValleyRec420 has gone viral — and for good reason. His account holds easily the greatest collection of creative blunts we have ever seen.

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