Cannabis For Kids tells us of another family relieving their child’s suffering with cannabis. How much longer will parents have to play doctor and chemist?

It’s the first time a presidential candidate has been involved with a cannabis industry event, let alone of the Republican party. What’s up Rand Paul?

Listen to the sentiments of entertainment greats as they reflect on one of the all-time greatest comedians in his documentary, ‘I Am Chris Farley’.

So maybe our exasperation with the slow-moving marijuana laws of the US is a bit melodramatic. Here are countries you will not find us smoking weed in.

Closeups of cannabis in 4K… eye candy for enthusiasts like us! If only our own gardens looked like this.

David Letterman hasn’t hit the pipe in 30 years, and young blood Seth Rogen is always THC positive. Watch Seth break down the current state of marijuana.

What makes the greatest cannabis debate of all-time? Nancy Grace arguing against herself. It’s easily her best performance.

PSA: You can achieve similar heights with a joint, which we recommend. We’re just really grateful these fearless teens survived to share this footage.

You don’t have to be scared of heights to get anxious watching these daredevils climb. Would you do it? As for us, we’ll stick to other ways of getting high

The upcoming US presidential election poses both a risk and opportunity to marijuana laws on the state level. Here’s Rand Paul’s position on the matter.

Watch these grandmas try to pronounce and define slang. “Ratchet is a tool, isn’t it?” The best part is when they try to act out the words. Priceless!

It turns out, the price of drugs around the world can tell you a lot about the world — and specific countries. Heroin in Afghanistan?!

Technology is a wonderful thing, especially if you live in a legal state. Watch how incredibly simple and awesome marijuana delivery as become.

The cannabis industry is evolving — and fast. Just a year ago everyone was wondering if this legal weed thing would work out, and look at Colorado now!

This is what we like to call cannabis pornography. Watch Best of Buds highlight exactly how you should start every morning.

Watch this short animation outlining just what you need to know when it comes to buying, possessing, and consuming cannabis in Oregon.

Watch Yoonj Kim from Playboy get blindfolded and taken to a secret marijuana grow op in an undisclosed location. Sounds shady, but ‘Tod’ tells us it’s not.

Cannabis for kids is only a matter of one thing: what will be effective in saving their life? How long do these families have to wait for the research?

Not every argument is created equal when it comes to cannabis legalization. And unfortunately, most of us can’t tell the difference. Don’t be fooled!

Looking for a quick and dirty synopsis on the current state of medical marijuana to educate you and/or your network? This video has got you covered.

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