Mostly due to prohibition, cannabis has often had a pretty tough stigma to overcome. From Planet Marijuana to Reefer Madness, here are some of the craziest marijuana hoax stories.

Weed delivery isn’t new—weed dealers that delivered for a premium date back to the grass roots era. However, the industry is changing… So what does the future of weed delivery look like?

No celebrity is safe from the ever-vigilant paparazzi who thrive on exposing personal aspects of their lives. This week’s victim is Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, who was caught with some medical marijuana outside of a club in Hollywood. Here’s what happened.

As you buckle into your air-conditioned homes to prepare for the heat of July, spark up a joint and tune into some of our favorite marijuana videos this month. From the funny to the dramatic to the outright infuriating.

Watch the countdown celebration to midnight on July 1st, where Oregon officially ended cannabis prohibition. History has been made!

Buzzfeed blesses us with 14 funny kid fails to remind us: what’s not important is the falling, but the getting back up — and never, never stop learning!

Despite a couple initial wailing meows that get eaten by the wind, he appears relatively composed. This cat must have a couple of his 9 lives left.

If you believe that cannabis boosts creativity, you will enjoy this collection of self-portraits by Bryan Lewis Saunders, an artist exploring that very query.

Would you get let out on a brand new island to have your way with literally untouched nature and your selfie stick? This guy did, and he was rewarded amply.

Elevator prank videos are the best. What happens when you act like a crazy psycho and pretend to beat up strangers? Hilarious videos for the internet.

A proposal for the books! The unsuspecting girlfriend thinks they’re acting for a friend’s music video. Of course, it’s none other but a hopeless love song.

This is a great glimpse into the discussions currently being held that are dictating the progress of cannabis legalization in America.

Kris Lewandowski, a war veteran and a husband & father of three, is facing life in prison for growing six marijuana plants in Oklahoma. This is sickening.

Jon Stewart has done it again. Bill O’Reilly compares smoking pot to Russian Roulette and Stewart is ignited. O’Reilly has no hope for survival.

Who wants Will Ferrell to give a toast at their wedding? Everyone. He doesn’t need to know you — he’ll still deliver the worst speech in the best way.

One word: awkward! There’s a reason we can’t read minds, and a reason some things are best left unsaid. Good on these exes for braving the lie detector!

Apparently all you need are tall genes and decent acting ability to punk everyone into believing that you are in fact, selected for the NBA draft.

Watch this video by Leafly for a breakdown on terpenes: what they are, what they do, and why they are central to your best cannabis experience possible.

The United States Government recently admitted that cannabis helps cure cancer. However, collectives are still struggling to support patients.

The Knockout Challenge: cannabis and alcohol, all at once. Is it a beer-chugging bong ripper, or bong-ripping beer chugger? You decide.

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