Hemp seed oil and CBD are all the rage these days, and people cannot get enough. For this reason, beauty brands are welcoming pot with open arms.


To help keep your spirits as high as your minds, East Side Games is launching “Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money” on iOS and Android on 420.

hmbldt, the cannabis-based health and wellness company, is rallying the public to make April 20th the healthiest day of the year with GO420.


If you find yourself in Denver, the “Mile High City,” on 420 you’re in for a treat. Here are the top ten 420 events taking place in Denver this year.


You’re probably spending a great deal of time and energy planning your favorite day. Here are 15 things that will probably happen to you on 420.


The term 420 is everywhere. So what about the guys who coined 420? How do they see the evolution of the culture and their impact?

The Linx Gaia is the newest member of the Linx Vapor family. Sleek in its design, the Gaia brings true innovation to the cannabis industry.

Linx Gaia

Being overly intoxicated is uncomfortable and annoying. If you find yourself in a bind, here are 5 ways to sort yourself out if you get too high on 420.


Sessions, who’s career is peppered with anti-pot sentiment, spoke last month about cannabis reform, and his surprise at the public’s attitude.


If you’re playing hooky and heading to Colorado this week, you are sure to see a few types of stoners. Maybe you’re even one of them.


From technical difficulties to Lady GaGa’s kick ass performance, here are ten things that happened during the first weekend of Coachella.


Canada is set to be the second country to legalize recreational weed, after Uruguay back in 2014. Here’s what global decriminalization looks like.

Valentine's Day

The International Church of Cannabis promotes “elevating oneself and each other to create the best versions of themselves by way of the sacred plant.”


Believe it or not, there was once a time when Snoop was a stranger to blunts. Who introduced him to his first blunt, you ask? As it turns out, it was Tupac.

Californian cannabis fans have a wide variety of events to choose, from fabulous cannabis-themed dinner parties to free gatherings at Golden Gate Park


From Australia to London, Canada to Amsterdam, America to Scotland, here’s how the world will be celebrating cannabis this 420.


With the release of this year’s 420-inspired SB Dunk Highs, Nike continues what has become an annual tradition of delivering special cannabis-themed kicks.


From bath bombs to pre-rolls, here are ten luxurious 420 products that will make you feel swanky AF.

Ladies, 420 is approaching, which means it’s time to start gearing up for the festivities, so here are 20 420 essentials just for you.


With legalization just around the corner for the US’ northern neighbor, Canada’s celebrations during 420 should be the biggest yet.


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