Do you use cannabis to help ease a medical condition? If you’ve answered yes, maybe you should explore the option of becoming a medical patient.

Medical Marijuana Card

Some industry experts give their opinions on the ideal locations to eat your first edible, so you have the best possible time, instead of a freak-out.


There are many excellent devices or items out there that can enhance your smoke sessions, and make your friends jealous of your weed swag.

Weed Smoking Accessories

What makes high people so awesome? In case you need a visual, here are 18 pictures that will show you why high people are the best people.

high people

Fox News presenter Kimberly Guilfoyle thinks the Secret Service needs to kill Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow for targeting Trump.

fox news

Eaze is a California-based mobile app that delivers cannabis in 20 minutes or less. Simple, great selection, and a sweet new patient deal.


They came, they saw, they listened… and left with tinctures, ointments, flowers, and a deeper understanding of something most of them had never tried.


Have you ever wondered how Colombian Gold first entered the United States? Here is an exclusive story from the pirates that introduced it.

Colombian Gold

Every cannabis consumer has found themselves at one time or another in a less-than-desirable situation when they’re high – and need to not look high


From weed centerpieces to hemp paper products, here are six ways to incorporate legal pot into your wedding day.

Wedding Day

Netflix is to replace its rating system of stars with a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” that will help let people know what’s good and what’s not-so-good.


With his death over the weekend, the world mourns the pioneer of rock and roll, but the universe will be shaking its hips to his sounds for a long time.

chuck berry

Want a free Domino’s pizza? This is not a joke. Just about every branch in the UK is participating. The best part is, it’s completely legit.

free Domino's pizza

What life would be like if people treated alcohol like cannabis? Watch this video to see for yourself!


Recently, Willie Nelson was spotted on Instagram posing next to Nick and Nate’s pot strains. Talk about a memorable moment.

Willie Nelson

Here is some useful information about making the switch from smoking to vaping that will push you into right direction from the get-go.


Cannabis oil is finally being put to the test in Canada as 30 epileptic children receive carefully dosed cannabis oil in a pilot study.

epileptic children

If you want to hear some juicy details about Drake’s latest playlist, then here are 15 things about More Life that you should know.

More Life

Justin Trudeau’s government has the majority vote again: An online nationwide survey has found that 51% of Canadians are in favor of legalized cannabis.


Hoping to get the highest-quality medical cannabis in Canada? Pure Green Express wants to ship safe, lab-tested cannabis right to your home.

Pure Green Express

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