The best way to avoid being pulled over while high is to, obviously, not drive while high.


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. While sorting through donations, Goodwill employees scored a cooler full of weed.


U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues to make false claims about cannabis on the national stage, saying it is only a slight downgrade from heroin.


Getting your weed is just one part of what can a be a long process to catch a buzz. Life is just easier in states with legal cannabis.

Do you prefer to live a life of luxury? If so, then you’ll be pleased to hear all about Beboe, a new luxury cannabis brand.


Are you just bored and in need of some entertainment? Check out these real-life Disney characters, from Peter Pan to that old guy from the movie Up.

Disney characters

Can you complete this sentence in terms of cannabis? You know you’re from Oregon when…


From using an aluminum can to get high to smoking in the bathroom, here are 15 truths you’ll understand if you started smoking weed in your teens.


Why might extending hours at Denver dispensaries be beneficial? You mean, other than adding to the over $100 million dollars in tax revenue for 2016?

After catching a clown version of himself in Snoop’s new video ‘Lavender,’ Trump immediately freaked out, and people are pissed that he went after Snoop.


Both have a sleek and sexy design. Both have high-tech adjustable temperature controls. Which personal vaporizer will win?

personal vaporizer

From keeping you company during a smoke sesh to trying to steal your stash, here are seven things you’ll understand if you smoke weed and have pets.


BREAKING: A Mexican study just found that a cannabis product reduced seizures by an average 86 percent in patients with intractable epilepsy.


There are plenty of winners when it comes to America’s sweeping tidal wave of cannabis legalization, but the beer industry might not be one of them.

beer sales

A new recovery clinic wants to help those with drug addiction heal. This time, though, it’s not with your typical 12-step program or methadone treatments.

Recovery Clinic

If you’re from Colorado, we guarantee that you can check off a number of things on this list. If you aren’t from Colorado, we dare you to start.


Now you can literally send someone a bag of dicks by mail, thanks to an ingenious new website. Whether you use this knowledge for good or evil is up to you.

bag of dicks

Just because TV shows screen for ten seasons, it doesn’t mean it’s a classic. Some of these television shows were gone before they even began.

TV Shows

From celebrating 420, to celebrating on any day of the year, here are five kicks that every die-hard stoner can wear to show their true colors.


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