Hillary Clinton & Snoop Are Sharing The Love On Twitter

Hillary Clinton has already made her first post-election follow. That person is Snoop Dogg, and he’s loving her right back.

Dec 2, 2016

For the most part, Hillary Clinton has kept to herself since losing the election. However, it seems as though Clinton is still keeping up with her Twitter. As a matter of fact, she has already made her first post-election follow, which happens to be Snoop Dogg. Not only is Clinton following Snoop, but it appears that he is following her back. Unfortunately, much of the world will never experience such a joy.

Hillary Clinton follows Snoop Dogg on Twitter

Hillary Clinton Chooses 1 Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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Since losing the election to Donald Trump, no one has heard much from Hillary Clinton. Although she is keeping a rather low-profile, she still continues to update her Twitter here and there.

In fact, it appears that Clinton has already made her first post-election follow. That person is Snoop Dogg.

In addition to Clinton following Snoop, Snoop is also following Hillary, which is a tremendous honor. After all, Snoop doesn’t just follow anyone. If you’re lucky enough to receive a follow from the Snoop Dogg, you have to follow back. It might even be a law.

Not only did Snoop show love to Hillary, but he also gave her husband Bill a follow. Moreover, he’s even following current President Barrack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Although Clinton has, for the most part, kept to herself since the election, she did update on Thanksgiving Day. During the holiday, she took to social media to thank her supporters for posting their “heartwarming” signs in her Chappaqua, NY neighborhood.

Hillary and Snoop: BFF’s?

Hillary Clinton Chooses 2 Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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Hillary following Snoop on Twitter isn’t the first interaction she’s had with the rapper. In fact, during an interview on The Breakfast Club, Clinton brought up a meme, which compares her pantsuits to Snoop’s. Jokingly, she says,

Well, I think Death Row and a lot of other fashion sources have influenced my look, don’t you?

In addition to that brief interaction, Snoop also endorsed Hillary numerous times during the Presidential election. Although he was not as actively involved as celebs like Katy Perry, it’s evident that Snoop favored Hillary over Trump.

Earlier this year, while performing at a Unity Concert following The Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, he made changes to a line in his song “Beautiful,” saying,

Hillary, you’re my favorite girl!

Later into the night, Snoop also performed a cover of “Stand By Me,” which was specifically for Clinton,

We are going to stand by you, Hillary.

It may be too soon to assume that Hillary and Snoop are best pals, but it’s clear they have each other’s backs. If you have never agreed with anything Hillary has done, now you have something.

Of all the people on Twitter to follow, she chose Snoop Dogg. Not to mention, he returned the love, which happens, like, never.

Dec 2, 2016