Rapper Joey Bada$$ secretly wrote Post Malone’s “Rockstar”

It came out in a series of unexpected Tweets.

Jan 6, 2018

In the rap world, ghostwriting can be a sticky thing. While it’s a common practice in other mediums, ghostwriting accusations can spark squabbles among rappers, such as the infamous 2015 feud between Drake and Meek Mills.

Still, just before the New Year, in a surprisingly candid string of tweets, rapper Joey Bada$$ admitted he penned one of the biggest hits of 2017. At the end of the year, Joey Bada$$ and T-Pain dropped what was originally thought to be a remix of Post Malone and 21 Savage’s “Rockstar.” The song originally dropped last summer, and soon began topping the Billboard charts, becoming a certified platinum hit. It turned out the version that dropped over the summer wasn’t the original. Over Twitter, T-Pain responded to a fan saying that their remix was, in fact, the original.

“That’s the original,” tweeted T-Pain. “They took me off. And put 21 on. Me and Joey had it first.”

Bada$$ soon corroborated T-Pain’s claim, tweeting, “This is facts… I actually co-wrote the song w post 🙂 quietly got my first #1 off that.” Bada$$ then threw in some dollar bag emojis and said that he’ll try to do more ghostwriting in the new year.

While Bada$$ was never credited on the original single, Malone essentially backed up the story in an older interview. Malone never mentions Bada$$ writing the chart-topper, going only so far as to say that Bada$$ made an appearance in the studio.

“Joey Bada$$ was in there,” Malone told Billboard. “We were just vibing on it and the melody was sick. We just cut like a little scratch vocal and we took it back to LA. I finished my part and sent it off to [21] Savage—and there it is.“

Jan 6, 2018